Pandya Store 28th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 28th December 2023 episode starts with Amba telling Dhawal that earlier they did hurry in doing his marriage but this time, they will check all the things.

She tells him that Suhani is a good girl and they have fixed Dhawal and her haldi ceremony tomorrow when Dhawal says that it's okay while leaving.

Meanwhile, Isha talks to Rohan on call while Cheeku says that he cannot let Makhwana live happily and Dhawal cries in grief.

Just then, Pranali comes there and tries to explain to him not to suppress his feelings for Natasha and go away from this family.

Dhawal says that now nothing can happen and asks them to forget things.

He goes from there and Pranali says that now they cannot do anything.

Cheeku tries to call Isha but she does not pick up his call, he keeps on calling her when she finds a secret place to go and talk to him.

She picks up his call and asks him to move on in his life but he does drama in front of her so that she can be manipulated easily, saying that he will die if she does not come to him and she panics for him.

Isha tries to go from there to save Cheeku but she finds everyone sitting in the hall so she decides to jump from the window.

Natasha comes searching for Cheeku in his room but cannot find him anywhere while Pandit ji tells Natasha that in Makhwana’s house, Dhawal’s wedding rituals are started.

Suhani gets excited to see that her wedding rituals are happening while Amba asks Hetal to bring Isha for pooja.

In the meantime, Isha calls Natasha and asks her to save Cheeku as he is going to give his life by jumping from the mountain.

Natasha rushes towards the mountain while Suman tries to stop her but Natasha murmurs that she cannot tell anything to her and leaves while Isha also goes there by taking a lift.

Hetal tells Pranali and Dolly that Isha has escaped from her room and they tell Amba that Isha has again escaped.

Dolly loudly tells everyone which attracts their attention.

Amresh is shocked when Isha reaches there and finds Cheeku standing on the verge of the mountain.

After seeing her, he starts running so she goes behind him and hugs him tightly.

She tries to explain to him that she cannot stand against her family this time while Cheeku says that if she will not marry him then she should get ready to see his death.

On the other hand, everyone starts making things regarding Isha and Suhani saying that Makhwana has ditched them.

In the meantime, Natasha reaches the mountain where Cheeku and Isha are and there, she sees that Cheeku is about to jump when she holds his hand and stops him from falling.

Isha also tries to stop him but he keeps on saying that if Isha will not marry him then he will give his life.

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