Pandya Store 28th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 28th February 2023 episode starts with Shweta telling Natasha that Rishita and Dev are not her “Mom and Dad”.

Turning around in Dev’s arms, Chutki informs Shweta that she knows that Shweta is a bad aunty.

However, Shweta wakes up from her nightmare with bids of sweat on her forehead, and she decides she cannot let this nightmare turn true.

Meanwhile, Raavi is looking at her phone with anxious eyes, she whispers that no one is willing to think about Shiva’s mental health.

As she moves around, her wedding picture falls to the ground and she says that no matter how beautiful the past is, she has to take Shiva away to avoid Shweta seeing him in present.

Back in Pandya Store, Gautam makes Shiva promise him that he will always come to the store with him every day.

In reply, Shiva tells him that he will dance on Gautam’s head every day like a bat and will beat anyone who tries to misbehave with Gautam in the store.

In the meantime, in Pandya's house, Rishita again orders Shesh to stay away when Shesh tries to enter Natasha's doll house which makes Natasha very happy.

Chiku then orders Shesh and Mithu to come with him so they can play outside in peace whereas Rishita starts spending time with Natasha.

Natasha slowly starts warming up to Rishita when she helps her to cook imaginary dishes.

Just then, Shweta enters the room only to find Natasha getting close to Rishita and she gets pissed off.

She says that she closed her eyes for one hour only and now Rishita has made Natasha the star of her eyes.

On the other hand, as Dhara and Prerna come out of the auto, Dhara orders Krish to buy fake suits for himself to avoid Shweta's suspicion and Krish takes Prerna's suitcase into the house through the backdoor.

Dhara then urges Prerna to wait outside for some time until she makes sure that the past is clear.

Coming back to Natasha, Shweta offers Rishita a glass of water with a wicked smile on her face but when Rishita spreads her hand to take the glass from Shweta, Shweta spills the water intentionally all over Natasha's doll house.

As Natasha starts crying, Rishita tries to make her understand that she has done it by mistake but Shweta accuses Rishita of ruining Natasha's happiness.

Rishita gets very angry seeing Natasha in Shweta's arms so she yells that Natasha is her daughter shocking Shweta.

Natasha however informs Rishita that she is Shweta's daughter, not hers breaking Rishita's heart.

After Rishita walks away, Shweta manipulates Natasha saying that only she cares for her and that these other aunties are bad.

Meanwhile, when Dhara enters the hall, she gets surprised to find Raavi with a suitcase.

As Raavi reveals that she is leaving, Suman questions her if she was a traveler in her past life since she can never stay in one place.

At the same time, a carrier serviceman enters and reveals that Raavi's landlord has sent all her belongings back which shocks Raavi.

Raavi calls her landlord to know why he did this who reveals that Dhara Pandya has paid the rent.

When Raavi interrogates Dhara about it, Dhara reveals that she did this because she overheard Raavi's conversation with her landlord.

Raavi refuses to accept and starts yelling at Dhara, accusing her of ruining her life.

This time, Dhara snaps back and questions Raavi why she did not save Shiva from falling that day while Prerna enters the Pandya house in a big box.

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