Pandya Store 28th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 28th January 2024 episode starts with the doctor advising Amresh and his family to keep Natasha close to him unless he gets well.

After that, Pranali says that Dhawal's soul lies in Natasha that indicates their true love which makes Amba feel bad.

Then, all of them except Amba and Amresh go to see Dhawal and he instructs Amba to not say anything bad to Natasha because due to her only Dhawal is safe.

Later on, Amresh meets Natasha and gives her the papers of a contract to her, and asks her to sign it so Natasha follows his instructions.

When Natasha signs on papers she murmurs that Amresh finds his benefit in every situation like a true businessman.

After signing on papers, Natasha goes to meet Dhawal and he asks her if she forgives him or not so Natasha tells her that she will stay with him and take his care.

Just then, the doctor comes and asks Dhawal how is he feeling right now so Dhawal tells him that he is much better from earlier so the doctor gives him discharge and asks Makhwanas to take proper care of him.

Dolly gets excited and says that they will organize a party and Chirag also gets excited while Amresh stares at them after which Dolly gets quiet.

Amresh says that they will organize the party as Dhawal is well now after that Dhawal asks Natasha to come to Makhwana's house.

Natasha tells him that she is going to bring her clothes whereas Sandeep gets angry with the lawyer because he has sold his property to Amresh without asking him.

When Natasha reaches home, Cheeku goes to see her and tries to convince her that she should think about her self-respect and should not go there.

Natasha tells him that she has to go for Dhawal so she packs her bag and goes whereas Suman and Cheeku again try to stop her but she tells them that her upbringing has taught her to do well for everyone even for the enemies.

Meanwhile, Sandeep wonders where Natasha is going as he secretly observes Natasha from far away.

On the other hand, Dhawal asks Amresh if Natasha will come or not so Amresh assures him that she will come for sure so Dhawal awaits for her.

After that, he sits on the balcony of his house and imagines Natasha coming in bridal dress towards him and he picks her up in his arms and takes her inside the house.

Till then, Natasha reaches Makhwana's house in reality which brings a smile to Dhawal's face and he holds her hand tightly.

Sandeep follows Natasha and reaches Makhwana's house to check what is happening there after that he hides his face and asks the worker what is happening.

They tell Sandeep that Amresh is organizing a party because Dhawal and Natasha have reunited and Dhawal has come safely from the mouth of Death.

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