Pandya Store 28th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 28th November 2023 episode starts with Dhawal getting mesmerized to see Natasha dressed up in a black saree.

Natasha comes close to him and proposes to him on a date by giving a rose to him while he puts that flower in her hair.

After that, both get lost in each other's eyes when Dhawal tells her that soon she is going to be rich as Dolly’s father has made a deal that fifty per cent share of the mall will go to the ladies of the house.

Natasha is surprised to hear it and signs the papers while Amresh keeps an eye on them whether Natasha is signing or not.

Meanwhile, she signs the papers without reading them and Dhawal tells Hetal that the file is kept on the table, asking her to give it to Dolly.

Further, Amresh goes and checks the papers as he gets happy after seeing Natasha's signature on it.

He states that he is on cloud nine and it's Natasha's last dinner date with Dhawal as after this, their relationship will start counting backwards. 

Meanwhile, Dhawal ties black cloth to Natasha's eyes and takes her to a different place for a date while she is surprised to see such a beautiful place.

After that, he gives a bunch of flowers to her and she hugs him, saying that she is impressed by him.

Chirag also does the same with Dolly but she does not find the place romantic and says that it's the haunted date.

However, Chirag says that he doesn't want anyone to disturb them therefore, he chose this place while Dhawal tells Natasha that they fight a lot as they don't trust each other.

Natasha tells him that they haven't given much time to each other therefore, they fight a lot, adding that she wants to go through the different phases of life with him.

Dhawal holds her hand leading Natasha to say that she has started trusting him when Dhawal replies with a likewise expression.

Elsewhere, Amresh realizes that he is doing wrong by breaking Dhawal’s marriage but he does not have any option.

Meanwhile, Dhawal brings a bracelet for Natasha and ties it on her hand when he thanks her for coming into her life

She asks him why he bought half heart bracelet when he shows the other one with a half heart which he will tie on his hand.

He tells her that it binds them together and forever while Natasha gets lost in his eyes and they both tie each other's bracelet, making a complete heart.

Meanwhile, Cheeku murmurs that his younger brothers are immature.

He thinks that he should call Natasha and ask about the tax process while he hears a man’s conversation with Dolly’s father that Natasha has permitted to break into Pandya's store.

Cheeku is shocked to hear it and is not able to process it while Dhawal asks Natasha if they can start their married life like actual husband and wife.

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