Pandya Store 29th January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 29th January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 29th January 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 29th January 2023 episode starts with a car stopping in front of Pandya Nivas.

When Krish turns to check on Prerna, he finds her biting her nails and he calms her down by reminding her that he is with her.

Afterward, Prerna and Krish enter the hall, and he introduces Prerna as his fiancée to the family.

Gautam remarks that Krish has not learned his lesson even after two failed marriages whereas Rishita taunts him by saying that Krish has chosen Prerna because of her money when Krish mentions that Prerna belongs to a very rich family.

Looking at Prerna with judgemental eyes, Rishita informs her that Krish’s track record in girls is very bad as last time, his wife broke the whole family and she hopes Prerna is better.

When she touches Rishita’s feet, Rishita announces that she knows Prerna is a modern girl so she does not need to do it.

At the same time, Krish gets a call from his in-laws and he calls them mom and dad in front of Suman, resulting in Suman accusing him of finding new parents after moving away.

Shiva’s head starts hurting again as he cannot comprehend Krish’s words and Raavi drags him toward the room to avoid chaos.

Chiku, Shesh, and Mithu watch the drama from a distance and Shesh comments that this family keeps assembling in the hall for no reason.

Chiku takes them away to play in Mithu’s room whereas Krish announces that after his family threw him out of the house and declared him dead, Prerna's parents are the ones who gave him love and support.

While Gautam blames Dhara’s anger for Krish drifting away from them, Suman feels rejected and mentions that she kept Krish inside her stomach for nine months yet he found a new mother for him.

Suman looks up and recognizes Prerna from the temple which brings a smile to Prerna’s face and she tells Suman that she was there to do puja for her good health only.

Meanwhile, in the room, Mithu asks Chiku why he is not Suman’s grandchild and Chiku informs him that he does not know.

Back in the hall, Prerna is about to touch Suman’s feet for blessing but Suman stops her by saying since Krish has found new parents, her blessings do not matter.

Suman even announces that Krish was so busy building a new life that he never asked her about her health and now he is back just because she is dying.

Prerna wins Suman’s heart by reminding her that she is also their mother and she is here to join the family with a cheerful smile.

With a sweet smile, Suman gives Prerna her blessing but Rishita reminds Suman in a whispering voice how she took "agni pariksha: of them before marriage and they should be careful as Shweta has destroyed the family before.

When Suman informs Prerna that she needs to go through a test, Krish accuses the family of never respecting him and takes Prerna away.

Afterward, Suman and Dhara both blame Rishita for behaving rudely but Rishita accuses Krish of sacrificing the family.

When Rishita and Raavi yell that Dhara has not suffered anything, Dhara tells that she lost her brother-in-law's, and dealt with her drunken husband yet they say that she did not suffer anything.

Shiva starts having a mental breakdown in the room as he looks through Chiku and Suman’s old photograph and starts yelling.

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