Pandya Store 29th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 29th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 29th January 2024 episode starts with Amba welcoming Dhawal into house but she gives weird expressions seeing Natasha along with him.

Then, she does Dhawal’s aarti and hugs him after that she asks Amresh to call Isha so Dhawal allows her to call Isha so she makes a phone call to her and Isha asks about Dhawal’s health from Amba.

Amba gets angry at her because she didn’t come to see Dhawal but Isha assures her as Cheeku recovers they will come to see Dhawal.

After that, Amba tells her that Amresh has organized a party as Dhawal has recovered so she wants Isha to join them after which Cheeku snatches the phone from Isha’s hand.

He tells Amba that they will come to the party whereas Dolly and Chirag give surprise to Dhawal that they have called Aditya Naryana to give a special performance.

On the other hand, Cheeku decides to hurt Isha so he makes a fake call in front of her to the jeweler telling her that he will sell jewelry of Natasha and Suman to compensate for his money.

Then, Isha asks him to sell her jewelry too but he refuses initially to act good in front of her but later on agrees that he will use her jewelry for selling purposes too.

Later on, Isha finds that clothes that she wants to wear to the party are spoiled because some paint is applied over them.

She panics and decides not to go there after which Cheeku asks her to wear simple clothes to act good in front of her after which she hugs him.

After some time, party begins and Aditya Narayana also comes as a guest at the party and Chirag introduces Makhwanas to Aditya.

Then, everyone starts enjoying the party while Natasha talks with Dhawal over a topic and suddenly starts laughing.

Dhawal recalls old moments where they used to live happily with each other whereas Natasha recalls that she has made a deal with Amresh that she has to take care of Dhawal.

In the meantime, Isha comes with Cheeku to the party but Amba asks her why she came in simple clothes without any jewelry.

Isha lies to her that she does not like heavy jewelry that’s why she didn’t wear it while a lady comes and taunts Isha which provokes Cheeku’s anger.

Amba requests Cheeku to not create any chaos otherwise Dhawal’s health will deteriorate again so Isha also insists him not do anything.

After that, Isha meets Dhawal while Sandeep secretly comes into Makhwana's house with a bottle of Kerosene in his hand.

Meanwhile, Aditya Narayana gives his spellbound performance and everyone enjoys it a lot at the party.

Then, Cheeku also goes and dances along with him which makes Amresh and Amba embarrassed but they try to control their anger.

Aditya’s performance ends and he asks everyone to join him in dance so Natasha asks for Amresh’s permission to allow Pranali and Dollt too.

Amresh allows them while Dhawal also tries to stand which makes Natasha and other family members happy for him and Amresh hugs him.

After that, Natasha and Dhawal also dance to Aditya’s song while Amresh murmurs that once Dhawal will get fine after which he will take control over the whole family again as earlier.

In the meantime, Natasha goes to drink water but she finds Sandeep over there and he bursts over for ruining him.

Then, he sprinkles kerosene over her and lightens the matchstick to burn her but Natasha tries to go away from there.

After that, he holds Natasha’s face and tries to sink it in kerosene but Natasha slaps him and goes away from there.

Meanwhile, Amba notices that a fire has taken place in their kitchen whereas Dhawal saves Natasha but they both get stuck in the kitchen.

Dhawal tries to control the fire whereas Amresh calls the fire brigade to come as early as possible.

Just then, the whole house catches fire while Natasha tells Dhawal that Sandeep all these things.

After that, Dhawal hugs her and tells her that he loves her the most which brings tears to Natasha’s eyes.

On the other hand, other members try to go out but main door has been locked by Sandeep.

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