Pandya Store 29th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 29th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 29th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 29th November 2023 episode starts with Natasha telling Dhawal that he is going too fast.

However, he says that he is going slow and says that they should have started it from the first day of the marriage.

After that, Natasha blushes and goes from there while he says that he was talking about trust and respect after some time Natasha's leg slips and she falls inside the swimming pool.

She drowns inside the pool and asks Dhawal to help her but Dhawal thinks that she is lying.

Later on he realizes that she is speaking the truth whereas Cheeku murmurs how can she take such a huge decision without Suman or him?

He tries to call her whereas Chirag brings surprise gift for Dolly and while Cheeku reaches Natasha's house and there he meets Isha.

Isha asks him why he came here after which he says that he wants to meet Natasha.

Isha tells him that she has gone out with Dhawal and Isha calls her but Dhawal is busy in saving her.

Later, Natasha scolds Dhawal for not agreeing with her after which she hugs him tightly saying that he wants to kill her so that he can bring another wife.

Dhawal says that for him only one wife is enough whereas Chirag brings ring light as a gift for Dolly which provokes her anger and she tells him that from next time he has to ask first which gift she wants.

Isha calls Chirag but he says that Dhawal is in the farmhouse then he cuts the call and sings a song for Dolly.

Just then, eDhawal gets lost in Natasha's eyes but she asks him to take her out of the pool but she again falls in his arms which makes the surroundings romantic.

Dhawal makes her sit on the edge of the pool then she comes out whereas Isha asks Cheeku to not go to the house and give them some privacy.

Cheeku says that it's important for him to go and he goes from there whereas Amresh asks Munshi ji whether he told someone about the demolishing of the Pandya store.

Then, Munshi ji tells him that he has conveyed it to the businessman of Sadar Bazar whereas Dhawal presses the clothes and asks Natasha to come out.

Elsewhere, Amresh asks Rocky to kidnap Dhawal and Natasha and bring them to a hotel whose location he is sending.

Meanwhile, Natasha comes in Dhawal's shirt and he gets lost in her eyes whereas Cheeku and Rocky along with his goon reach the farmhouse at the same time.

They kidnap Cheeku thinking that he is the one about whom Amresh was talking.

Natasha wears her saree after some time and observes from the window that someone is kidnapping her Cheeku.

She and Dhawal go out whereas Rocky realizes that he kidnapped the wrong person so he throws Cheeku out of the van.

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