Pandya Store 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 2nd April 2023 episode starts with Rishita sitting beside Natasha’s hospital bed with tears in her eyes.

She urges Natasha to eat soup if Natasha wants to get better but Natasha gives a condition that she will only eat the soup if Rishita promises that she will not bother her, saying that Rishita is her real mom.

On the other hand, Shweta is drawing the jail map on the wall to plan her escape when Shivank arrives with food for her.

Shivank tells Shweta that now, it is more important to him to bring Shweta out of jail as it will be a golden ticket for him to leave the country and Shweta agrees to help Shivank when the time comes.

Back in the hospital, Natasha softly tells Rishita that she wants to be Dhara’s daughter only even if Rishita is her real mother which breaks Rishita’s heart but she promises Natasha to not pressurize her anymore.

Rishita nervously spills the soup on the hospital bed so the nurse scolds Rishita for not being careful.

As Rishita leaves the room to bring Natasha some juice, Natasha lies on the bed in silence.

Meanwhile, Krish is driving his bike while Shweta’s words about not divorcing him echo in his mind.

He lets out a growl as he realizes that he is trapped in Shweta’s evil game since Shweta has the video of being close to him when he suddenly stops his car to enter a grim-looking place.

Krish’s anger continues to rise as he imagines Shweta mocking him for thinking he can leave her and a feeling of despair slowly grips Krish.

He picks up a heavy stone to throw at Shweta’s laughing face but he throws it away as Shweta’s figure vanishes.

In Pandya’s house, Dev questions Gautam if he has used the money for alcohol as the bank account only contains five hundred rupees and Gomby just stares at Dev in confusion.

Arriving there just then, Dhara urges Prerna to take the kids back to their room and Prerna obeys the order.

As soon as Prerna leaves, Dhara reveals that she is the one who has taken out the money from a bank account and Gomby questions her about why she has taken the money from the bank account.

Dhara explains that she has given this money to Shivank and Suman asks her if she is talking about their Shivank.

With anger raising in her eyes, Dhara clarifies that Shivank is just a snake and she was forced to give the money to save the Pandya store.

The flashback then shows Shivank blackmailing Dhara to give 15-20 lakh in exchange for his right in Pandya Store after he misbehaved with her.

Shivank reveals to Dhara that Suman’s husband has given him shares of the Pandya store and that he has found the document in his father’s items.

As Dhara refuses to give the money, Shivank exclaims that he will go to court to get his rights if she does not give him the money.

Dhara comes out of the flashback while everyone looks shocked to hear this whereas Rishita finds Natasha’s hospital cabin empty.

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