Pandya Store 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd August 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 2nd August 2023 episode starts with Natasha recalling all the past memories of her childhood, Gautam and Dhara, the Pandya store, the earthquake incident and the agreement papers given by Harish while she is lying on the bed beside Suman.

Natasha sits straightly looking at the agreement paper and then looks at Suman asking her to wake up but she tells Natasha to sleep and that they will talk tomorrow.

On the other hand, Dhawal drops his girlfriend and asks her about Natasha’s house which makes her jealous and she asks him what’s the matter. 

Dhawal tells her how can a person living in such a small house talk about Lavish things and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Natasha opens her window and Dhawal is gazing at her while he recalls all the mishappenings in Chirag’s engagement which occurred because of her.

Elsewhere, Hetal is talking about the bill to Amresh in the kitchen since she is preparing dinner. 

Pranali is also yelling at her husband for not being able to defend himself while he shouts back at her and tells her to go to the kitchen and prepare food while Amba is enjoying the chaos.

Natasha is about to sleep but then she sees a shadow on the wall of a person coming towards her and she screams at her highest pitch. 

Suman wakes up and Natasha tells her that there’s a thief.

Suman yells to inform Shesh and Mittu about the thief and they all start switching on the light while running here and there to find him.

Dhawal is hiding behind the houses and is trying to escape. Mithu shouts in his colony and gathers everyone to search for the thief.

Elsewhere, Amba enters Pranali’s room pretending to care what’s going on between them and tells Bhavin to eat the food from her plate, asking Pranali to order the food for her too.

Meanwhile, Bhavin starts complaining about Amresh for being arrogant with him in front of everyone and tells Amba that he does equal hard work as Amresh so he also deserves an equal share of the money. 

Amba keeps agreeing to Bhavin and is feeding him with her hand.

After coming out of the living room, Amba tells her assistant to give her Rs.10 as she entertained her and completed the task.

At Pandya’s, Natasha is looking very carefully for the thief with a stick in her hand while Dhawal is scared and hiding from Natasha. 

In the meantime, Natasha spots someone behind the flowerpot and she hits him instantly with the stick while Dhawal yells but Natasha doesn’t recognise him and keeps hitting him.

However, she falls on him while hitting and they both are lying on the floor when she realises that the thief is Dhawal and she starts screaming.

Dhawal covers her mouth in order to stop her from screaming and ending up having a romantic sensation within himself. 

Natasha bites his hand and Dhawal is trying to play a video while accusing her of looting the money from his family but is unable to play the video.

Natasha starts screaming again but Dhawal jumps from her balcony and gets hurt and he leaves.

After that, Natasha goes back to Suman and Suman tells them to take care of the house.

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