Pandya Store 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 2nd February 2024 episode starts with Dhawal, Natasha, and other ladies of the Mukhwana family judging the dance competition.

One by one girls come and introduce themselves and each one of them says that they like Dhawal.

Dhawal feels embarrassed and he asks his sisters-in-law to ask the girls to dance instead of doing drama.

After that, Natasha asks one of the girls to dance but she dances very badly which makes Dhawal laugh.

Just then, Dhawal stops the girls and tells them that he has got his dance partner which makes everyone wonder who is that girl.

He takes Natasha's name and asks her to dance along with them so she goes to dance along with him.

After the dance is over, other contestants start throwing paper balls over them which provokes Natasha's anger.

She asks them to stop while Sushant along with his mother comes to offer a marriage proposal for Natasha.

Then, Suman tells them that Natasha is divorced after which Sushant tells her that he has no problem with it.

Meanwhile, Natasha explains girls to behave properly and asks Pranali to return the money that the girls have given to them.

Pranali is about to return the money but one girl asks for an apology which makes them realise that they were doing wrong.

After that, Natasha gives all the money to Pranali and asks her to invest it in her sister's education.

Pranali gets emotional and thanks Natasha after which they enjoy but Natasha receives a call from Cheeku and he asks Natasha to return home soon.

Natasha asks him what happened and he tells her that Suman wants to tell something so Natasha quickly rushes for Pandya Niwas.

She informs about it to Hetal and asks Dhawal to drop them and she leaves while Hetal asks Dhawal to receive Natasha in the evening from Pandya Niwas.

Dhawal becomes anxious so Hetal reminds him that he still loves Natasha so he has to fight to get her love back.

He agrees to her while Natasha reaches home and asks Suman what happened so Suman introduces Sushant to Natasha.

Natasha is shocked to see him there and asks him if he has come there to do her complaint that she ruthlessly beat him.

After that, Sushant tells her that there is nothing like that after that Suman and Cheeku tell Natasha that they have come there to offer a marriage proposal for her.

Natasha is shocked and asks Suman to not force her to marry again as she has still not moved on in life.

Cheeku holds Natasha's hand and tells her Sushant's plus points to Natasha and tells her that he has progressive thinking.

Suman also agrees with him and assures her that if she finds him feasible then only they will proceed further.

Meanwhile, Dhawal comes there and hears their conversation which breaks his heart and his eyes become teary.

Just then, Cheeku assures Natasha that he will take full responsibility for Sushant and takes her to make her meet Sushant.

After that, Dhawal goes from there and becomes anxious after which he murmurs that he cannot see Natasha with someone else.

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