Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 episode starts with Suhani telling Dhawal that he needs not worry as she is always there for him and Dhawal thinks that from now he will think for his future.

Natasha and Dhawal go for annulment but her kurta gets stuck in the door when Dhawal stops and helps her whereas Amba asks Cheeku to marry Isha in the same mandap where Dhawal and Suhani will marry.

The lawyer urges Dhawal and Natasha to give their marriage one final chance.

Meanwhile, Cheeku sets a condition for Amba, stating that if Amresh joins hands in front of him, he'll bring the wedding procession to Makhwana's house, sparking Amresh's fury.

Natasha dreams that Dhawal denies from annulment which brings happiness to Natasha’s face and she hugs him, asking him never to leave her.

In reality, Dhawal says that he wants the annulment while Isha asks Cheeku not to put such a condition in front of her family then Cheeku reminds her that Makhwana has done a lot of things wrong to Natasha.

He tells her that when they gave Natasha to them, they used to bow their head in front of them then they should follow the same which again provokes Amresh’s anger.

Amresh says that he has married Isha to make them feel bad while Amba’s health again starts deteriorating and she asks Amresh to take her to the hospital.

Amba requests him when he goes to Isha and asks her to kill their mother for her stupidity and tells Amba that for her good health, he is ready to do anything.

Then, he joins his hands in front of Pandya’s and requests them to bring baraat to their home whereas Suhani wonders what would be happening inside and she awaits Dhawal.

Meanwhile, Natasha tells the lawyer that she is also ready for annulment and the judge grants them annulment while Cheeku thinks that if he sends Isha with them, then they will lock her in a room.

For proof, Cheeku makes a video of Amresh requesting them to bring Isha’s baraat while Dhaawl comes from the room along with Natasha.

Amresh puts his hands over Dhawal’s shoulder and asks if Anulment took place or not when Dhaawl tells him that everything went perfectly.

Meanwhile, Natasha gets emotional and hugs Cheeku as he tries to console her, after that she bursts into tears and hugs Suman whereas Amba wipes off her tears and Suhani gets excited as she hugs Dhawal in front of everyone.

After that, she realizes that she got carried away so she asks for an apology while Amresh tells Dhawal that now Isha’s wedding will take place along with Dhawal and Suhani’s.

Amresh asks Natasha to come along with her family on time whereas Natasha murmurs that Dhawal’s haldi will take place in front of her eyes.

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