Pandya Store 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 2nd June 2023 episode starts with Suman looking at Krish sternly.

Meanwhile, Shiva hugs Krish and congratulates him for having a baby before marriage when he hasn't even ridden a horse (referring to marriage).

She states that Krish has not just blackened her face with his deed but made her hide it.

Shiva decides to go from the scene as everyone seems stressed out while the kids speak and ask about who is pregnant.

Suman further gets uncomfortable as the kids talk amongst each other, stating how dramatic their family has become.

Mithu pipes in and says no matter how dramatic it is, he knows that his father is Dev while Raavi gets tensed.

On the other hand, Dhara and Arushi are in a tiff where Dhara threatens her and her mother to leave Somnath within 24 hours.

When Malti Devi tries to placate Dhara by saying that Aarushi is her sister, Dhara announces that she may not be embarrassed by her deed done years ago but its consequences are still borne by Dhara.

Dhara leaves angrily while Arushi taunts her mother for neglecting her over a daughter like Dhara.

Meanwhile, Suman reminds Krish that they still live in Somnath and people will ruin their lives with their jibes.

So it is better Krish must request Shweta to give him a divorce so he can quickly get married to Prerna before her stomach starts showing.

However, all of this gets heard by Shweta who has woken up in her wardroom and wipes her tears with her bandages hands.

As Dhara leaves Aarushi's street, Shiva comes there to Arushi's house, unaware that Dhara came here.

As soon as Shiva enters, Arushi bursts into tears and hugs him, requesting that they get married at the earliest.

Malti Devi's face sulks but Shiva says that he is not the one to elope and get married without his elders' blessings.

When Arushi tries to instigate him against Dhara she doesn't like him, Shiva gets angry and tells Arushi that his liking her doesn't give her a license to insult his Dhara Bhabhi.

Arushi stands shocked as Shiva is also defending Dhara but quickly lets out more crocodile tears to appear genuine.

She then clicks a "couple selfie" with him to send to Dhara and tells Shiva if he doesn't marry her, she can even kill herself.

Shiva asks her if she is mad while Malti Devi tells Shiva to go back to Pandya Store as she will reason with Arushi.

Meanwhile, Raavi asks Suman in the courtyard of their house what she should do as Shiva is not picking her call up.

Suman bites her nails humorously and tells Raavi that if she knew, she would have told her already.

When Raavi calls Shiva on more time, he sees her number and calls her another "Grahan" (eclipse) of her life before cutting it.

On the other hand, Dhara goes to the temple and lets all her angst out in front of Mata Rani, stating that she has always given her best in relationships.

However, she just doesn't have the energy to forgive her mother who left her alone to escape with a guy.

Later, Dhara arrives back at the house while Suman questions her absence to which she lies.

Gautam catches her lie when Raavi asks Dhara if she met Shiva because he went to meet Arushi. 

Dhara stiffens and before she can call Shiva, she sees Shiva and Arushi's couple photo sent to her which sends Raavi over the edge.

Raavi declares war against Arushi, causing Dhara to worry as she doesn't want anyone of them to know about her relationship with Arushi or her mother.

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