Pandya Store 30th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 30th January 2024 episode starts with Dhawal saving Natasha and getting emotional after which Natasha tells him that she will improve everything.

Meanwhile, Pranali asks everyone to cover their nose otherwise their lungs will get affected.

Natasha goes outside through a window and takes the pipe and puts it inside the house and connects it to a tap.

On the other hand, Amresh finds a way to rescue his family members while Dhawal feels suffocating and is about to get unconscious.

After that, Natasha and Cheeku break the lock of the door and open the door after which everyone comes out.

Natasha searches for Dhawal and she goes to bring him out while other family members also start feeling suffocating.

Pranali takes care of everyone while Amba asks for Dhawal after that they notice that Natasha brings Dhawal along with her.

Amba thanks god while Pranali treats Dhawal and Natasha because their health deteriorates.

On the other hand, Amresh locks Cheeku inside the house after which Cheeku feels suffocating while Isha cries for him because he is missing.

Then, Chirag goes to see him but Amresh says that no one is there and he has locked the door but Isha does not believe in him.

Still, Cheeku manages to come out of the hall which makes Amresh nervous while Dhawal’s heath detoriate.

Pranali rubs his hands and Amba starts crying whereas Cheeku also gets unconscious which makes Natasha more worried.

In the meantime, a few guests also get unconscious and it becomes difficult for Pranali to treat everyone but she tries her best to save everyone.

Pranali is about to give an injection to Dhawal but Bhavin snatches it from her hands and says that she is a fake doctor.

Meanwhile, Isha cares for Cheeku while Pranali feels shattered and starts crying whereas Natasha tells Pranali that she trusts her.

Natasha asks her to save her Cheeku so Pranali gives that injection to Cheeku so that he can get fine.

Pranali feels nervous but still, she does Cheeku’s treatment and Cheeku responds to her treatment.

Everyone gets happy to see Cheeku fine and Natasha starts crying and she hugs him after that and thanks, Pranali.

Then, Pranali goes to treat other guests while Amresh and Amba feel ashamed and Pranali murmurs that Dhawal’s condition is serious.

Natasha asks Pranali to remember the oath that she took when she became a doctor and save Dhawal.

She motivates Pranali to do Dhawal’s treatment so Pranali goes to treat Dhawal and he also responds positively to her treatment.

After that, Pranali hugs him and tells everyone that she is not a fake doctor while Dhawal tells her that he is proud of him.

Then, Natasha also hugs her while the police reach there and ask how the fire took place so Amresh narrates everything.

Police do the interrogation and Dhawal also helps them while Amresh gives that contract file to Hetal and asks her to keep it safely.

Dhawal asks her to bring water for him so she handovers that file to Chabeli but she keeps the file on the table and gives water to the guest.

In the meantime, Isha tells Amba that she is going back while Cheeku taunts her that she does not know how to respect her son-in-law.

Amresh gets angry with him and asks him to see their family situation while Dhawal asks Cheeku to make a new start.

Cheeku tells him that he cannot forget whatever Amresh did to him but Amresh tells him that it was a misunderstanding.

Isha feels bad but she asks Cheeku to not fight with Amresh while Cheeku warns Amresh that if anything wrong happens with Natasha then no one in this house will live peacefully.

Suman thanks god for taking care of her children and she wonders why Cheeku took Isha to her home in simple clothes.

In the meantime, Pranali feels special thinking that Natasha is a good person as she took a stand for her in front of the whole family.

After that, Hetal and Dolly tell Pranali that they are proud of her while Natasha asks Hetal where is her luggage.

Hetal tells her that she has kept her luggage in Dhawal’s room but Natasha reminds her that she is Dhawal’s ex-wife now.

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