Pandya Store 30th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 30th June 2023 episode starts with Dhara telling Gautam that the whole day she only keeps thinking about how she will reconcile with Chiku again.

Gautam urges Dhara not to worry as Chiku belongs to her only and Dhara excitedly states that she does not want to see the kids with a sad face.

Meanwhile, Krish and Prerna are having a discussion in their room about who is right between Raavi and Rishita.

Krish suggests that he does not know why everyone is not agreeing with Rishita now.

Krish claims that Natasha is the only girl in the Pandya house so they need to care for her especially because of her weak health.

Prerna, however, replies that Raavi is also not wrong since she is also looking out for Mithu’s security.

However, Krish grumbles that he feels doubtful of marriage whenever he looks at Prerna, Raavi, and Rishita.

He walks out of the room, feeling upset by Prerna’s remark and he then notices the kids talking in another room which fills him with happiness.

In the room, Chiku suggests that the elders have problems of hearing which is why they talk in loud voices but Shesh urges Chiku not to lie as he has also seen everyone arguing.

Shesh also tells everyone that he is excited to see horns on everyone’s head as Dhara has told them that if anyone argues, they get big horns over their head.

Later, the kids are sitting in a row in the courtyard and they all are oiling each other’s hair when Mithu suggests checking if everyone’s horns have grown yet or not.

At the same time, Dhara overhears the conversation from a distance which gives her an idea so she goes to the kitchen to bring some plastic horns to make the kids laugh.

The kids visit everyone’s room one by one in order to find horns over their heads but they fail in their mission.

When they arrive in front of Shiva’s room, they meet Dhara outside the door who advises them to be quiet as Shiva has grown horns over his head.

This excites the kids so they run inside the room and they wake up Shiva by his noise who starts running after them in anger for ruining his sleep.

However, during this chaos, Shiva, Dhara, and the kids all end up falling in the middle of the courtyard due to soap water which makes them burst out laughing.

In the middle of this, Chiku calls Dhara “mother” which fills Dhara with happiness but before she can dwell on the happiness much longer, the other family members also arrive there.

One by one all the family members end up falling on the floor which makes everyone laugh and Suman expresses her gratitude for seeing everyone laugh again.

At the same time, Prerna also approaches them but before she can fall, Raavi holds her.

Raavi then starts blaming Rishita for the soap water since she left it there in the morning and just like this these two again start arguing.

Rishita demands everyone put something on Natasha’s name whereas Raavi accuses Rishita of being shellfish.

This makes Dhara plead with them to keep quiet.

At the same time, Prerna suggests to Rishita that she put something on Natasha which belongs to her in this house but Dhara orders Prerna not to say such a thing again.

Dhara announces that this Pandya family is a joint family which means everything belongs to everyone.

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