Pandya Store 30th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 30th May 2023 episode starts with the Pandya family getting stunned to hear the band sound coming from outside.

Rishita asks everyone if it is Shiva who is arriving with the band and Raavi looks at her sharply.

Suman exclaims that Shiva has gone out of hand since he only thinks about marriage now.

However, it turns out to be Krish who has arrived with the band and the kids also join Krish in the dance outside the Pandya house.

Suman and all the family members arrive outside only to get confused to see Krish overjoyed.

Looking at Krish’s face, Suman comments that the whole family has gone mental as so many unsolved battles are pending in the courtyard yet Krish is enjoying himself.

Prerna also tries to tell Krish about Shivank but Krish is too happy to listen to her so he urges her to forget about all the stress.

Meanwhile, Shivank ties Shweta’s hands using a rope as Dhara runs after them yelling at him to stop.

Shivank pushes Dhara to the ground when she comes too close and he orders Shweta to sit on the bike. otherwise, he will drag her throughout the street.

Shweta finally sits on the bike as she is afraid of Shivank.

When the bike comes in front of the Pandya house, everyone stares in shock as Shivank drags Shweta by tying her hands.

Raavi yells that Shweta is pregnant but Krish announces that Shweta is not pregnant as now he knows the complete truth.

This comes as a shocking surprise for everyone but before they can dwell on this, Dhara urges everyone to help her to grab Shivank.

Meanwhile, Shivank loses his balance on the bike which causes both him and Shweta to fall, resulting in Shweta getting badly injured.

As Shweta gets dragged on the road brutally, Chiku suddenly calls her “Maa” and Dhara stops on her track to look at Chiku with wide eyes.

Dhara resumes her run so she can catch Shivank while Suman remarks that she took Ravan’s side over Sita Mata's.

Raavi also announces that now Shivank will pay for his sins and Prerna reveals to Krish about Shivank trying to force himself on her which causes Krish to see red in anger.

On the other hand, Arushi escapes her mother using the window but as she runs out, her mom also runs after her.

Arushi yells that she will reach Dhara’s house today at any cost when Arushi’s mom pleads with her to leave Somnath with her during the run.

Meanwhile, Shivank’s journey finally comes to an end as he notices a bracket on the road and Shweta drops from the bike once again.

As Shweta starts rolling toward a rock on the road, all the Pandya family members get flashbacks of Shweta’s wrong deeds to them yet Dhara rushes to save Shweta.

Krish and Dev go to the hospital with Shweta since Shweta has lost consciousness while the rest of the family make up their mind to teach Shivank a lesson.

Meanwhile, Suman notices Arushi’s mother but she is unable to recognize Arushi’s mom at all.

Later, Shiva drives toward Shivank on his bike and to make sure Shivank is unable to run away, Shiva uses his foot to make Shivank stumble.

As Shivank falls on the ground, one by one all the Pandya family arrives there and Dhara brings out a net.

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