Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 30th November 2023 episode starts with Dhawal and Natasha fighting with Rocky and his goons while Rocky receives a photo of Dhawal and Natasha from Amresh.

Meanwhile, one of the men says that they have kidnapped the wrong man and they throw Cheeku out of the van while they beat Dhawal with a stick on his forehead.

Dhawal gets unconscious when Natasha panics as she tries to wake him up but both of them are being kidnapped by the goons.

They give anaesthesia to Natasha, making her unconscious while the goon makes them lie on the bed of the hotel which Amresh asked them to do.

Further, Rocky calls Amresh and says that he did the work but initially, he made a mistake by kidnapping someone else.

Amresh scolds him and cuts the call while goons again give anesthesia to Dhawal and later on the next day J.C.B comes and they are about to demolish the Pandya store.

Suman tries to stop them but she gets to know that Natasha has officially signed the papers which surprises Suman.

Meanwhile, Cheeku becomes conscious and rushes to save the store from being demolished while Meethu and Suman check the official papers.

Just then, Cheeku comes there saying that they should never trust someone blindly while Suman asks him to call Natasha.

However, Cheeku tells her that these things are happening with Natasha’s permission.

Elsewhere, Natasha wakes up and shouts while Cheeku says that he is there and they will start from the beginning.

Suman does not allow them to break the store and sits in front of the store.

Natasha pours water and clears the blood coming out of Dhawal’s forehead while goons goes to see if Natasha and Dhawal have woken up or not.

Cheeku forcefully takes away Suman while Meethu along with Shesh goes from there and the store gets demolished which breaks Suman into pieces.

She recalls the day when she started the store along with her sons as she requests them to stop demolishing the store but they did not stop.

She says that her son has given their life to this store but today this store is no more in existence.

Shesh gets angry and blames Natasha for everything.

Meanwhile, Natasha checks if the goons are there or not and notices a goon coming toward them while Dhawal recognizes Rocky.

Rocky runs from there after that while Suman asks Cheeku to call Natasha.

Cheeku tells her that Amresh is doing all these things and they are helpless while Natasha asks Dhawal if he knows that man.

They both run and try to escape while Amresh calls Rocky when Natasha and Dhawal run on the road.

However, she is unable to run when the Goon throws a stone at Dhawal and he falls, making the goons beat him ruthlessly.

Natasha wonders about the solution to save Dhawal while the store gets completely demolished and the board of the store is kept in Pandya Niwas which breaks Suman’s heart.

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