Pandya Store 30th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 30th October 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 30th October 2023 episode starts with Hetal telling Natasha that she cannot dance as she has promised Amresh that she will quit dancing after her marriage while Natasha says that she has to dance for Golu.

Natasha puts Hetal in a dilemma when Hetal agrees to her while Natasha tells her that they have to fight together to bring Golu and for that, they need to distract that lady.

Further, Natasha goes to Pranali and Dolly, asking for help they both have to distract Amresh and Amba for a few minutes when they ask her why is she asking them to do so.

Natasha tells them that Golu is missing that’s why she needs their help while Pranali says that she cannot help her because Amresh will kill her if he gets to know that they hide the truth from him.

Meanwhile, Dolly says that she will help Natasha because she helped her when no one was there for her while Dolly also forces Pranali to help Natasha at this moment.

On the other hand, the Dance challenge begins and the event organizer states that who so ever will wins the competition, will get the trophy.

Hetal tells him that she wants to participate in the competition and wants to do the challenge with that lady in the veil.

The organiser asks her name when Hetal says that there isn’t anything kept in her name so she will tell her name after the challenge is over.

Meanwhile, Amresh hears Dolly and Natasha’s conversation so he asks Pranali about what kind of help Natasha needs leading Pranali to try to distract him by saying that she is hungry therefore, she insists Amresh take her to the chaat stall.

Chirag and Bhavin are surprised to see that Pranali is behaving so well with Amresh while Amba asks Amresh to take her to the food stall otherwise she will also complain like Natasha.

Further, they go to the chat stall and Pranali along with Dolly eats panipuri while Pranali also offers the panipuri to Amba but she refuses to eat.

Meanwhile, Dhawal searches for Natasha but cannot find her anywhere while Amba tells Amresh that there is something wrong that's why Pranali is acting weird.

On the other hand, Natasha goes inside the dark tunnel to find Golu while Hetal dances along with the stranger lady.

In the meantime, Amba asks the chef to offer spicy panipuri to Dolly and Pranali while they both get anxious and refuse to eat but Amba forcefully makes them eat it.

Amba asks about Hetal and Natasha from Dolly and Pranali but they don't answer her question and say that they genuinely don't know about them.

Meanwhile, Hetal dances with rage in her eyes along with that veiled lady while Natasha suffocates inside the tunnel but still manages to be conscious so that she can find Golu.

She yells Golu's name loudly but does not get any response while Amba notices Hetal dancing in front of everyone.

She tells Amresh that the dancer inside his wife, Hetal has finally come out and now their image will be ruined in front of everyone.

Amresh gets angry with Hetal to see her dancing while Pranali and Dolly's faces turn pale after knowing that Amresh and Amba got to know that Hetal is dancing.

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