Pandya Store 31st January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st January 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 31st January 2023 episode starts with Dhara dancing with the kids in the hall when Chiku drags Gautam to the floor.

The smile on Dhara’s face vanishes as she finds the alcohol bottle in his pocket and Gautam pushes the bottle even further after he realizes Dhara’s gaze.

Shesh drags Rishita to the dance floor to dance despite her denying and Dev also arrives there to check the noise.

When Dhara looks around, she feels happy to see her family dancing together for the kids’ sake and thinks to herself that she will reunite her family with the help of the kids.

At the same time, Krish and Prerna walk in and stare at the dance party with cheerful smiles.

Meanwhile, Suman wakes up from her sleep and when she looks at herself in the window, she gets shocked to see the green color on her face.

The next moment, she starts laughing as she thinks Shesh is behind this and decides to become a real ghost to scare him.

Afterward, everyone tries to control their smile as Suman comes out of her room looking like a ghost, and Dhara reminds her in a low whisper voice that she is sick.

Suman asks Shesh if he has made her ghost in a whimpering voice and adds that this is what she wanted to see before she dies.

Chiku mumbles that it is his hard work causing Dhara to put her hand on his face as she knows Suman will go blind in rage if she finds it out.

In contrast, Shesh whispers that Suman is lovely as she has dressed up as a ghost on her own but gives him the credit.

Suman praises Shesh for this and Shesh asks her if she does not turn into a ghost when she gets angry to which Suman replies that Patrani AKA Rishita becomes a ghost in anger, not her.

At the same time, Dhara gets happier as she notices Krish and Prerna near the entrance and Krish informs her that Prerna is the one who has brought him here.

Hearing this, Suman announces that now Krish has also entered the “Petticoat Chap” club (a slang Suman uses to mock her sons) like his brothers which makes Prerna confused.

When Dhara reminds Suman that they should thank Prerna for bringing Krish, Suman announces that Dhara is happy only since Gautam is the president of the Petticoat Chap club.

Afterward, Dhara takes Suman away to the kitchen when Raavi and Rishita mention that they will eat their food in their rooms.

Rishita also remarks that they can understand what Dhara is trying to do using the kids and Shiva orders everyone to eat together as they have not eaten food together for a long time.

When Raavi tries to stop Shiva, Shiva yells at her for this and Raavi feels happy as she thinks this is a sign of Shiva’s recovery.

Meanwhile, in the room, Dhara urges Suman to include Prerna in their team which will automatically bring Krish to their side.

Suman agrees and decides to judge Prerna for once as Krish’s heart has been broken two times.

When Dhara and Suman come out of the kitchen, their face falls as everyone goes back to their room except Shiva, Krish, and Prerna.

Dhara orders them to sit at the table for food and goes to bring Gautam only to find him drinking outside.

As Gautam expresses that he does not want to eat alone, Dhara drags him inside the house.

Inside the house, Krish orders Prerna to walk away with him when Suman orders Prerna to stay.

Gautam sulks in his drunken state and tells Dhara to make whatever Shiva likes to eat, otherwise, he will go on a hunger strike.

Gautam then yells that he will go on a hunger strike till Dhara makes Shiva’s favorite food and walks away from there.

Dhara feels disheartened as her attempts of reuniting the family keeps failing.

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