Pandya Store 31st July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st July 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 31st July 2023 episode starts with Hetal requesting Natasha to not create a scene in the college fest and give the bracelet to them while Pranali tells Hetal to command her rather than requesting Natasha for the bracelet.

Natasha tells them about her bracelet and denies to give it back.

Pranali and Hetal get off the stage and after some time the performance gets over.

Meanwhile, Dolly comes on the stage and put on the ring on Chirag's finger, which left him feeling awkward since he is not having the ring yet.

Dhawal applies a trick and brings a ring from another girl's hand and Chirag successfully put on the ring on Dolly's finger.

Just then, news reporters start questioning Amresh if he is sponsoring the college fest and he hesitantly agrees to it.

Chirag tells Dolly to give him the company to the engagement hall for the rest of the ceremony.

In the meantime, Natasha is preparing the college fest bill, just then Dhawal comes to her and asks her to meet Amresh with him, and she agrees since she also wants to meet Amresh.

The Makwana family reaches the engagement hall when they learn from the Manager about the short circuit and that they can't party here anymore due to that.

Dolly starts crying while Amresh comforts her and he asks Dolly's father to arrange a lavish party for the wedding.

Makwanas comes into the basement and are about to leave when Dhawal stops Amresh telling him about completing the task given by Amresh.

Further, Natasha introduces herself to Amresh while he thanks her for joining the party.

She tells Amresh about her being the treasurer in the student council of the college and recalls his statement of sponsoring the college fest while handing over the bill for the same.

Natasha continues to describe the bill that includes the cost of sound, lighting, venue etc with GST, which shocks Makwana family and they gather near Natasha and Amresh.

Dhawal tells them that he will handle the situation and asks Natasha to take 10k-15k and shut the matter while Natasha being adamant, hands over the bill to Amresh.

Meanwhile, Amba accuses Natasha of stealing the bracelet with her gang and destroying the engagement party, Amba continues to point fingers at Suman's upbringing which enrages Natasha and she tells Amba to not slander anything about Suman and to not include her in this matter.

Just then, Dhawal defends Amba, telling Natasha that she is not the treasurer here, that they need her permission to speak and to not include his family in this matter either.

Amba asks Amresh to call the police for them while he tells her to calm down and sit in the car while Amba gives a revengeful look to Natasha.

Natasha stops Amba and tells the Makwanas to clear the bill and then leave while Amresh recalls his name in front of her and asks her to enquire about him from the college trustees.

Further, Dhawal is threatening Natasha for misbehaving with Amresh while telling her that he is a known personality in Somanth and she denies it since she doesn't know him.

Meanwhile, Mithu with fear in his eyes warns Dhawal to maintain some distance between himself and Natasha.

Amba yells and states that she will not let Natasha leave without taking the bracelet back from her.

Hetal requests Pranali to help Amba but Pranali tells her that Amba can handle it on her own.

Suman yells and tells them about the belonging of the bracelet and tells Amba to leave Natasha's hand.

She continues to tell Makwanas about the goodwill of the Pandya family and the Pandy store in her locality.

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