Pandya Store 31st March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 31st March 2023 episode starts with Dhara praying in the temple while Gautam complains about Dev switching off his call in the background.

Krish sits worried as he rereads the letter while Prerna takes him aside and tells him that he should go to Swetha.

However, Krish refuses angrily stating that he hates her while Gautam angrily throws away the vase.

In Ahmedabad, Rishita serves the kids who refuse to eat and cry that they want to go back to Somnath.

Back in Somnath, Gautam says that it must be Rishita's doing while Dhara stops him and tells him that Dev is equally wrong in switching off his phone.

Dhara tells Krish to go to Ahmedabad the next day since they must get Chutki's tests done.

However, Krish leaves angrily stating that he will not roam around because of Dev and Rishita's foolishness.

Back in Ahmedabad, Dev tells Rishita that they should turn on their phones since they need to be in contact with the hospitals too for Natasha.

Further, the kids make a ruckus in the hospital waiting room while Dev and Rishita sit worried for their turn with the doctor.

Their turn comes and the doctor tells the couple that it is very hard to get a donor and that the time is ticking for Natasha.

The couple exits the doctor's office in distress when they get a call from the Somnath City Hospital.

Rishita picks up the call hesitantly and the doctor, on the other hand, scolds them for neglecting the calls of the hospital.

He informs them that they have gotten a donor for Natasha and that they need to come immediately.

The couple sheds tears of joy as they ask who the donor is.

The doctor informs them that it is Dhara Pandya and Dev confusedly states that the earlier reports had stated otherwise.

Realizing the confusion, the doctor clarifies that because it was Holi that day, the attendee had made a mistake.

On the other hand, the kids are outside arguing with a cab driver telling him that they need to go to Dev's house and then to Somnath.

Rishita worries as she asks Dev if Dhara would give Natasha a kidney even after the argument she did with her before coming to Ahemdabad.

Dev tells her that she does not know Dhara fully and takes her outside where they sit in the cab with the kids and leave for Somnath.

Back in Somnath, Shivank goes to the area where Holi was celebrated and stands at the Momo stand beside the person who had given Swetha's Bhaang-infused sweets.

He steals money from the guy and manipulates him into answering why he had fed Swetha the 'special' sweets.

At the same time, Krish comes to the jail and Swetha starts singing in Urdu to anger him.

Krish holds her hands and tells her that he will not be swayed by her empty threats.

However, Swetha laughs as she tells Krish that his external distress and anger are expressing his internal fear clearly.

She tells Krish that he will have to get her bailed as she shows him the whole video of how Raavi told the guy to feed her special laddoo and how they ended up in the room together.

Krish gets shocked while Swetha moves the phone away from him and tells him that he will have to get her out at any cost or else she will show the video to the court.

Shockingly, Krish tells Swetha that he will never be hers and will not bail her out at any cost.

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