Pandya Store 31st May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 31st May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 31st May 2023 episode starts with Dhara arriving in an auto, followed by Gomby, Suman, Raavi, and Shiva.

Shivank warns them to back off but Dhara covers him in a big net while Gautam starts to beat him.

Raavi asks Shivank if he thought her sister AKA her will support his crimes as he crossed his limits.

Shiva also pours all his anger out in beating Shivank up while Dhara along with Raavi beat him black and blue with their slaps.

Shivank gets the punishment of his life

Dhara gets angry when she recalls the day Shivank touched her hand without her consent and beats him a little more.

Meanwhile, Suman watches the whole incident happen with full satisfaction until she sees Arushi arrive at the spot in a bridal gown.

She questions her if she is dumb to come here as she already talked with her regarding Shiva.

Seeing Suman's anger and annoyance, Shiva tells Arushi that he has to be with his family and she must go.

Raavi steps in front of Shiva and tells Arushi to back off but gets snubbed out by Shiva who doesn't remember her and asks her not to interfere in his matters.

Suman gets Shivank Jailed

Arushi finally leaves after Dhara's warning also as Dhara and Arushi's mother watch their exchange happen by hiding behind a car.

Shiva then brings out a donkey made out of cardboard while Shivank denies sitting on it.

However, Suman gets savage and tells Shivank that he and his dead mother will even sit on it even if it takes Suman to bring her out of hell.

Soon, all the Pandya family members also apply black mud on Shivank's face and parade him in public with a garland of shoes around his neck too.

At the police station, the Pandya's hands over Shivank who keeps apologizing to them for his deeds but Suman stays stubborn and tells the inspector that she doesn't want to see this devil's face, referring to Shivank.

Knowing too well that his antics will not work anymore, Shivank yells at all of them that they will have to pay a price for his humiliation before the officers drag him away.

Prerna falls down

However, Suman gets sad and Dhara thinks it is because Shivank is her relative but upon probing, Suman utters that she is afraid of Prerna not forgiving them for what Shivank did with her.

Meanwhile, Prerna gives food to all the kids who ask her if she is giving a party to them in advance or not.

Prerna says yes and it is because she is very happy while Shesh points out whether her and Krish's wedding this time will be a final one or not.

She agrees and happily ruffles Shesh's hair who asks if adults in this house do not get bored by playing marriage-marriage all the time.

Prerna then teaches the kids a few dance steps while Cheeku stays aloof.

When Prerna tries to involve him too, Cheeku snatches her hand away from hers which results in Prerna falling to the ground.

Cheeku gets miserable seeing Prerna cry out when she falls on the floor and says this was not his intention.

Suman recalls Dhara's mother AKA Bhagodi

At the police station, Suman asks her kids why Aarushi reached the spot where they were beating up Shivank when she had no business being there.

Shiva coyly says that one day he will anyways get married to her while Raavi also states that one day she has to also die, so she will start getting ready today.

Shiva scolds her and says he will forget if she spews any more words and Raavi firmly tells him that it is not her but him who has forgotten everything.

Meanwhile, a crying Prerna asks the kids to call someone as she struggles to get up while the kids surround her and try to lift her up.

On the other hand, Dhara gets concerned when Suman says that she saw Aarushi's mother and it looked as if she knew her.

She goes out to make a call while Suman reveals to everyone that Arushi's mother seemed like Bhagodi, AKA Dhara's mother.

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