Pandya Store 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 3rd April 2023 episode starts with Dhara telling everyone about how Shivank manipulated her to give him money in exchange for the Pandya Store shares.

Again, she gets lost in memory lane and how Gautam was singing various songs instead of helping her deal with Shivank.

Dhara ultimately agreed to give the money to Shivank as he threatened to go to report the Pandya family to the police.

As Dhara left to bring the checkbook, Shivank muttered under his breath that maybe he has asked much less since Dhara has become generous, unlike what Shweta told him.

Dhara returned after a few minutes with the cheque to give Shivank and Shivank left the Pandya house after he gave the document to Dhara.

Coming back to the present, Suman questions Dhara, why she did all this without consulting her first, and before Dhara, can reply, Gomby states that he is responsible for this.

Dhara cryingly tells everyone that Gomby’s situation worsened over the past years and how she used to find him drunk near the colony and tunnels.

Gautam lowers his eyes feeling ashamed of himself while Dhara continues revealing that Suman was also in misery after her other sons left so she was unsure how to handle this alone.

Everyone sympathizes with Dhara and Dev states that Shivank has used Dhara’s helplessness for his benefit.

Suman angrily yells that earlier her brother betrayed her and now his son played with Dhara.

Meanwhile, Dhara breaks down in tears, and Dev along with Gomby decides to make Shivank pay for his deeds.

On the other hand, in the hospital, Rishita is frantically looking around for Natasha when she finds Natasha giving autographs to people.

She walks toward Natasha asking for an autograph and Natasha happily states that she needs to keep interacting with fans.

Rishita requests Natasha to not vanish from her eyesight again while Natasha just smiles innocently at Rishita.

Meanwhile, Dev and Gautam enter Shivank’s house to hurt Shivank’s soft wrists for using Dhara’s soft heart.

Dev just touches Shivank’s hand a little harshly due to which Shivank lets out a scream and runs away.

Watching Shivank running, Dev tells Gomby that Shivank’s hand turned out to be fragile for real.

Dev and Gomby along with Shiva start slapping Shivank one by one after they catch him while Shivank asks them what he has done now.

Without paying any attention to Shivank's question, Shiva tells Dev that he knew Dev would not be able to live in Ahmedabad since Somnath's air run in Dev's vain and Dev informs Shiva that he has returned today while the two brothers continue slapping Shivank.

Shiva questions about Raavi but as Shivank is about to say something Gomby slaps him, ordering Shiva to keep his mouth closed.

The Pandya brothers then drag Shivank to Pandya's house where Dhara reveals that she is done being scared of Shivank.

Shivank straight away denies taking any money from Dhara when Suman yells at Shivank for taking money from Dhara.

To prove herself, Dhara runs to bring the stamp paper but Dev reveals that the stamp is false which gives Shivank another opportunity to accuse Dhara of trying to frame him.

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