Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 episode starts with Dhawal telling Natasha that he will talk about this matter at home after which Natasha says that it's time to take a decision.

She decides to stay away from him while Dhawal is shocked to hear it whereas Natasha says that unless Amresh is there between them, their relationship cannot work.

Dhawal says sorry to hear but she says that now nothing can happen whereas the Pandya family picks up the belonging of the store after its demolition and get emotional during that time.

Meanwhile, Isha calls Cheeku but he doesn't receive her call after which Shesh asks him to pick by taunting him to give an update which provokes Cheeku's anger.

He says that their family does not have any relationship with that family even with Natasha whereas Natasha becomes unconscious again.

The doctor comes and checks Natasha then he asks Dhawal to go from there because due to him Natasha’s mental stress is increasing.

He also tells Dhawal that there is swelling in her kidney whereas Cheeku tells Suman that she was right and now she will follow her instructions and not talk to Isha.

Meanwhile, Dhawal recalls the day when Suman asked him if he was marrying Natasha for the store whereas Bansi bhai came to the Makhwana family for a lunch party.

Amresh says that only Bansi bhai has the honor to eat along with them when Amba asks about Natasha from Hetal.

In the meantime, Dhawal comes there and everyone gets shocked to see him in that condition and Amba asks him what happened.

He recalls the things that happened after seeing Dolly and her father and he directly goes and throws the food from Banshi’s table.

Amresh is shocked to see his behavior and Dhawal asks him how can he eat food along with Banshi bhai as he has cheated on them.

Chirag gets angry and asks him to keep his mouth shut whereas Amresh fears that his truth should not come in front of Dhawal.

Meanwhile, Dhawala holds Bansi bhai’s collar and threatens him whereas Bansi bhai gets unconscious.

Amredh stands still whereas Dolly scolds Dhawal for behaving ill-mannered with her father whereas Dhawal says that Bansi’s real place is outside their house.

Chirag scolds him for saying and recalls his manner and etiquette and Dolly asks Dhawal to say sorry but he denies it.

Dhawal tells Chirag due to Bansi Natasha is in hospital whereas Hetal gets tensed for her and Dhawal says that no one is in grief after the Pandya store’s demolition.

Bhavin says that Dhawal is reacting unnecessarily whereas Dhawal asks Amresh to say something then Bansi tells him that Amresh is aware of everything and he did all the things by informing Amresh in advance.

Bansi says that he was following the ritual of being Dolly’s father and he did this so that their business wouldn’t be affected.

Dhawal asks Amresh to answer while he says that the things that happened were right and one or other day this thing would have happened.

He says that getting the map verified by the government is a hectic process and they cannot change it without consideration of businessmen which breaks Dhawal's heart.

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