Pandya Store 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 3rd February 2024 episode starts with Natasha telling Hetal that she is leaving for college.

Hetal asks her to return soon as Pranali's sister is about to come after that she hugs Natasha thanking her for doing so much for the Makhwana family.

Natasha asks her to not get much emotional after that she leaves for college while Sushant meets Amresh and tells him that he had a meeting with Natasha.

Meanwhile, Dhawal secretly hears their conversation and Amresh tells Sushant to not proceed further along with Natasha unless Dhawal recovers.

Dhawal wonders how Amresh can make such a big plan against him while Natasha calls Sushant and asks him to come to the coffee lounge of her college because by mistake she has bought his purse along with her.

Sushant goes to her college while Dhawal murmurs how Sushant can be so comfortable with Natasha in just a few days after that he decides to question Amresh about this thing.

On the other hand, Mithu tells Suman that Cheeku is not doing any wrong activity but Suman asks him to still keep an eye on him because he has married Isha to take revenge on Makhwanas for ruining Natasha's life.

She tells him that if Isha gets to know that then she will leave the house so she decides to act like a strict mother-in-law of Isha so that Cheeku can realize his love for Isha.

In the meantime, Dhawal throws things here and there in the office and reads the contract file which provokes his anger against Amresh.

Suman starts her acting and scolds Isha for wearing short clothes in a beauty contest and tells Cheeku that Isha won't be participating in the contest.

Cheeku tries to explain to her but she asks him to leave the house if he does not want to follow her instructions.

At the same time, Dhawal returns home but he recalls why Natasha was behaving strangely to him during these days.

He stops the car on the way and feels deceived by Amresh and Natasha after which he complains to god for giving him a brother like Amresh whom he used to consider next to god.

Dhawal cries his lungs out while Amresh meets Natasha and discusses why Sushant was with her, Dhawal reaches home and hears their conversation.

He murmurs about how Amresh can be so manipulative and he decides to behave in the same way as Amresh does.

Amresh gets nervous to see him there while Dhawal asks him why his face has turned pale after which Amresh lies to him that he has booked a resort for him and Natasha.

After that, Dhawal requests other family members to also come along with them so Amresh halfheartedly agrees with him.

Then, everyone starts packing while Dhawal makes a fake call to Sushant and asks him to come to the resort for one day as he has won the lucky draw.

Sushant believes in him and decides to go there while Dhawal murmurs that he will expose Amresh today.

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