Pandya Store 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 3rd March 2023 episode starts with Shweta putting Natasha to sleep, while Krish and Prerna continue making no noise, as they hide under the very same bed.

Shweta is just proceeding to go see what her dear husband, Krish, is doing when she notices a piece of chapati lying on the floor.

She is doubtful about who might have had their food in the room and crouches down to investigate.

However, just then, she is interrupted by Natasha whining as she is woken up by the mosquitoes disturbing her.

Shweta consoles her lovingly, switching the mosquito repellent liquid on and leaves.

Krish and Prerna both stealthily come out from their ambush and get out of the room without Natasha noticing.

Meanwhile, in the Pandya store, Gautam and Shiva are just on their way to close the store, when Raavi arrives.

Shiva asks her what she was doing leaving the house and coming to the store.

She replies that she wanted to tell something important to Shiva and requests Gautam to leave as there are guests in the house.

Shiva tries leaving with Gautam, but Raavi manages to make him stay back with her.

Gautam agrees and closes the shutter, saying that they could come outside from the backdoor after their "talk".

Raavi gives the reason to Shiva, saying that Dhara had advised them to stay at the store godown due to the increasing thievery, in order to protect the store.

At Pandya Nivas, Shweta is all set to have her "first night" with Krish, and excitedly requests Dhara who is passing by, to inform Krish to bring saffron milk and betel leaf while coming and leaves.

Rishita comes to the place and starts badmouthing Shweta with Dhara, but remembers that she is having a fight with her, and leaves awkwardly.

Here, seeing all the arrangements prepared at the godown of the store, Shiva is impressed.

However he blushes when Raavi comes close to him, but then sweetly hugs her, spending their time with each other, in their own little world.

At Pandya Niwa,  Krish confides to Dhara how he felt scared seeing Shweta excitedly doing the preparations feeling as if she was preparing for his deathbed.

Dhara assures him and Prerna, saying that she has already mixed sedatives in Shweta's food and that, she would probably doze off while doing the "preparations".

Gautam too reaches Pandya Niwas, and Dhara announces that Krish and Gautam could sleep together down on the cushions put while she and Prerna can sleep up on the bed, assuring Prerna from worrying too much.

However, they all are alarmed at hearing Chiku and Shesh, who aee experts at disclosing things, also arriving in the room.

Dhara quickly hides Prerna behind her.

The kids are suspicious, but don't inquire further and request Dhara to let them (Chiku, Mithu, and Shesh) sleep in the courtyard together, just like how the Pandya brothers would, in the past.

Dhara remembers the old days, emotional, and agrees, going off with them to prepare the bed.

Meanwhile, Krish wakes up startled, having dreamt of Shweta trying to persuade him to sleep together, waking everyone else too.

He assures everyone that he is alright and says that he would be back after drinking some water.

However, he goes upstairs to see if the sedatives did their work on Shweta.

Rishita is unable to sleep, thinking about Natasha, but Dev consoles her to give Natasha time.

She attempts to bring him closer to her, but dozes off, under the effects.

In the courtyard, the kids devise their mischief of transforming into a ghost.

Meanwhile, Shweta wakes up groggily after some time and goes outside to find Krish.

She comes down to find Krish sleeping in Dhara’s room, at the same time catching Prerna sleeping with them too, getting utterly furious. 

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