Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 episode starts with Dhara telling herself that she will give Chukti’s new dress to Rishita soon.

Hearing Dhara’s words, Shweta smirks and thinks to herself that now it is the time to take down another Pandya family cricket.

Shweta tries to help Dhara with some food after entering the room but Dhara orders Shweta to stay away as no one will eat food if Shweta serves the food.

She further advises Shweta to take a step to win everyone’s heart.

Meanwhile, Raavi is happily putting names on the gifts but Shiva enters the room at the same time.

Raavi quickly hides the gifts under the cover because Shiva will get angry if he sees Arnav’s name.

Even Shiva questions himself why Raavi is hiding things from him but does not ask her about it.

On the other hand, Shweta shows Dhara the gold ring and announces that she has gotten this for Chiku.

Shweta further adds that she is investing in gold to secure Chiku’s future and praises Dhara for letting Gautam make the Goa trip plan for Raavi and Shiva.

Rishita who overhears Shweta’s words starts fuming with anger and calls Dhara a hypocrite for not celebrating Chutki’s Diwali in a grand way.

Dhara tries to calm angry Rishita down but Rishita screams that the Pandya family is treating Chiku and Chutki differently.

Rishita further yells that her parents can easily shower Chukti with gold gifts when Dhara declares Rishita is overreacting.

Rishita however abruptly walks away from the kitchen and Dhara runs after her.

Rishita collides with Raavi in the mid-way who asks Rishita the reason behind her quarreling with Dhara.

Angry Rishita, however, yells that there’s no need for Raavi and Shiva to go on a Goa trip as they will fight there too like they do in the home which makes Raavi upset.

After furious Rishita locks herself in the room, Dhara turns to Shweta and informs her that Shweta’s foolish acts will ruin the Pandya family very soon and Dhara walks away.

On the other hand, excited Shiva throws the blanket away and gets happy to see gifts for his family.

However, his eyes fall on his name and Arnav’s name and two same shirts.

After comparing the shirt prices, Shiva feels weird as he does not know if the fancy shirt belongs to him or Arnav.

Later, Rishita comes out of the room and announces that she is going to her parent’s house but Dhara along with Raavi tries to stop her from going.

Suman along with other family arrives in the hall just then Suman calls Dev to stop his wife from leaving.

Gautam however informs Rishita that Dev is out of town for some time due to business and Suman informs Rishita that she wants to see if Rishita’s family covers her with gold.

Furious Rishita announces that Gautam has money for the Goa trip but not for Chutki’s gold gift.

Hearing the word Goa, Suman also excitedly announces that she also wants to go.

However, Raavi declares that she will not go on vacation and Rishita calms down.

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