Pandya Store 4th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 4th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 4th January 2024 episode starts with Hetal asking Pranali whether Natasha will succeed in her plan or not while Pranali tells her that if anything goes wrong then Amresh will kill them.

In the meantime, Amresh dances while Suman curses them for ruining Natasha’s life but Cheeku tells her that time will let them know what they have lost.

Amresh makes Dhawal dance forcefully while Dolly warns Natasha that using the haldi mixed with the chemical may cause hand rashes.

Natasha says that’s the thing they want because then only Suhani will not apply it while Amba doubts Pranali and Hetal but they manage to brush off the topic.

Meanwhile, Cheeku also joins them in dancing and dances along with Amresh and Bhavin but they stop dancing with him while he continues to dance.

Elsewhere, Natasha makes her plan while Cheeku abuses Amresh which provokes Dhawal’s anger so Cheeku turns around and asks him if he feeling bad.

Cheeku asks Dhawal to call him Jeeja ji, adding that he is going to be Isha’s husband so they all should give him respect and he starts dancing again.

Amresh keeps on staring at him while Dhawal and Chirag are about to leave but Cheeku drags them, making them dance forcefully.

Suman asks Mithu to search for Natasha while Amba murmurs whether Natasha has done something wrong with the mehendi and she goes to ask Hetal what was Natasha doing there.

Pranali lies about starting the haldi early, while Amba accidentally puts rose petals in both bowls, and Dolly corrects her about Dhawal's bowl.

Meanwhile, Natasha shows excitement and pushes Dhawal while taking Cheeku for Haldi and Dhawal thinks that again she is going to do something wrong.

After that, they start the haldi ceremony of Cheeku and Natasha enjoys it while Amba also starts the haldi of Dhawal and he recalls Natasha by closing his eyes.

Natasha goes and secretly sees Dhawal’s haldi and gets sad but Suhani feels happy.

Pranali applies haldi to Dhawal but his eyes search Natasha everywhere while Natasha tries to control her tears and waits for the final execution of her plan.

In the meantime, Amba instructs Pranali, Hetal, and Dolly to take the glass of water to spill it on Suhani as it is one of the rituals that they follow.

She also asks them to take Dhawal’s haldi and mix it with Suhani’s haldi which brings smiles to her daughters-in-law's faces and they nod their heads while listening to her.

Natasha prays to god to handle the things when suddenly, she recalls that she put the petals in Suhani’s haldi and she was shocked to see that the bowl is kept near Dhawal.

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