Pandya Store 4th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 4th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 4th June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 4th June 2023 episode starts with Raavi asking Suman to ask Dhara why she is not talking about the woman Suman has met.

Hearing this, Suman angrily questions Dhara about the woman’s identity and Dhara finally reveals that her Bhagodi mother is back.

Everyone gets surprised to hear Dhara’s revelation while Raavi blames Dhara for using Shiva’s memory loss to bring her mother back and sister back to her life and Dhara raises her hand to slap Raavi.

She grabs Dhara’s hand before Dhara can hit her while Dhara accepts that she is ashamed of her mom’s mistakes.

Dhara breaks down in tears as she admits that every guy in the Somnath used to flirt with her since she became an open book for them after Malti Devi left.

She says that Suman has never let her forget that she is Malti Devi’s daughter as Suman has always called her “Bhagodi Ki Beti” and that many aunties of Somnath also used to blame Dhara for her mother’s running away.

Raavi claims that Dhara always commits mistakes and then she pretends to be the victim which breaks Dhara’s heart.

Rishita then tries to reason with Raavi by saying that Dhara can never try to ruin Raavi’s life since Dhara was the one who arranged Raavi’s marriage with Shiva.

At the same time, Suman speaks up, saying that Dhara has told so many lies for only the family’s benefit and she also apologizes to Dhara for calling her “Bhagodi Ki Beti” always.

She remorsefully accepts that she never thought how her taunting has impacted Dhara and Dhara looks at everyone with tears in her eyes and Raavi finally reveals that Arushi has told her that Dhara wants Arushi to marry Shiva.

Raavi announces that Dhara was calling her mother continuously when she was at Arushi’s house and Dhara runs away from there without saying anything since she is too shocked to speak.

After Dhara walks away, Raavi also goes back to her room while Gomby runs to check on Dhara leaving Suman to sob.

Meanwhile, Malti Devi is sitting in her living room with a sour face as she recalls Arushi’s rude behavior toward Dhara and she calls someone, asking for help.

After cutting the call, Malti Devi thinks to herself that water has reached above her head so now she has to do something.

On the other hand, Arushi wakes up from her sleep feeling restless as she does not know how Raavi is insulting Dhara in the Pandya house.

She hopes the Pandya family will throw Dhara out of the house as it will be awesome.

When she comes outside, she apologizes to Malti Devi for being rude to her but before Malti Devi can forgive her, she informs Malti Devi that she is excited to see how Dhara is getting punished in her in-law’s house.

Malti Devi looks at Arushi sternly after hearing this and Arushi walks away from there.

Back at Pandya’s house, Dhara tells Gomby that she has given Malti Devi and Arushi a warning to leave the Somnath and if they don’t go, she will take another route then.

On the other hand, Rishita and Raavi jump in happiness as they make a plan to kidnap Raavi and Shiva to make Shiva regain his memories.

Rishita reminds Raavi how her father abducted her and Shiva instead of Rishita, and Raavi eagerly nods.

The next day, Shiva's eyes widen as he finds Raavi walking into the courtyard and Raavi snatches the phone away from his hand to make sure Shiva does not pick up Arushi's calls.

Arushi gets frustrated when Shiva does not pick up her calls and Malti Devi mixes some drugs in Arushi's drink which Arushi throws away when Malti Devi offers her.

Meanwhile, Raavi orders Shiva to drop her at the temple and Shiva agrees.

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