Pandya Store 5th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 5th December 2023 episode starts with Dhawal receiving a call from the doctor that Natasha can be discharged now, asking him to deposit the balance.

Dhawal goes to the hospital while Natasha gains consciousness and pays the bill by herself.

He enters inside her ward but Natasha closes the door on his face.

Meanwhile, Suman talks about the photo of their sons, saying that when she used to go to the store, she used to feel their presence.

She says that she was just noticing the store being demolished as she was helpless while Natasha asks Dhawal to go from there as she feels weak.

Natasha cries in a corner while Dhawal also cries and requests her to open the door but she ignores when Dhawal goes to pay her bill but comes to know that she has already paid it.

Meanwhile, he notices Natasha going out of the hospital and tries to stop her but she goes leading him to realize that he should not force her.

Natasha goes to Pandya's house and sees Suman telling her grandson to start selling the products in a vending vehicle.

She asks all of them to wake up early in the morning while Mithu gets angry and says that Natasha didn’t do a good thing.

He says that she betrayed them while Suman tries to console him but he turns around and leaves leading Cheeku to talk to him.

After that, both of them pick up the money which is lying on the floor when Cheeku tries to convince Shesh by giving him toffees.

Shesh hugs him and gets emotional after that all three of them give emotional support to each of them which makes Natasha feel happy.

Meanwhile, Natasha goes out and cries sitting there, recalling Dhara’s word that Pandya store is their soul and she hugs the pillar of the store, saying sorry.

She recalls how her parents started the store and imprinted their handprints on the wall of the store.

Further, she recalls Dhawal's wording and how he manipulated her so that she could marry him while she tries to set the wall by laying the bricks but it falls.

Natasha gets reminded of how Dhawal lied to her that he would support her in fighting for the Pandya store and on the date he was interested in starting their married life.

She again tries to lay the bricks but they fall and she cries recalling the way Dhawal deceived her while Dhawal comes there and sees her crying there.

He stands on a different side of the wall and starts crying, feeling helpless for Natasha and both of them sit down while Natasha asks him why he deceived her.

Natasha asks god how will she collect the broken pieces of the memory related to the Pandya store.

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