Pandya Store 5th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 5th February 2024 episode starts with Natasha again asking Dhawal to reveal his surprise so that she won't feel embarrassed there.

Dhawal asks her to chill and says he values emotions but she says she is anxious.

Dhawal says that the surprise is good for her as fear will make her not make mistakes. 

Meanwhile, the security guard ties Shashank's hands and legs with rope which makes Shashank very annoyed and regrets going there.

Hetal asks Amresh something but he doesn't seem to be interested after which she says for the first time, their family came together to have fun and everyone is so happy just because of Dhawal.

Amresh responds by saying he can do anything for Dhawal as he is his brother.

Elsewhere, Chiku tells Isha that she can make excuses in front of Suman by saying that she is going to cooking classes so that she will not stop her from going.

Meanwhile, the Makhwana ladies get ready and take selfies on their way to the party hall.

They don't know where it is so they ask the waiter to show them the way to the party hall and he takes them there.

Dhawal is waiting for Shashank, Amresh, and all the gents to arrive there.

The ladies enter the bar and are shocked by seeing girls dancing to item songs while Natasha says they might have come wrong place and gets confused.

Shashank sees them and thinks how they are here when one old drunk man comes and starts to flirt with them all.

The security guard sees this and goes to stop him but he shows him a gun so the guard leaves.

The old drunk man then asks ladies to dance forcefully while they gets horrified.

In the meantime Dhawal is waiting for everyone and Amresh gets suspicious of his surprise.

The drunk old man makes ladies dance as Natasha thinks anyhow they have to go out after which her eyes go on Shashank.

She wonders how he is here in this condition, goes near him, opens her hands, and tells him to go outside and call Amresh and Dhawal.

Dhawal asks Amresh why the ladies are late when Amresh gets a call from Shashank.

Shashank informs Amresh that his wife and ladies of his family are in trouble and ask him to come there.

Amresh gets curious about how he came here after which he and Dhawal rush there, and Shashank calls police to inform.

Natasha is waiting for Amresh while dancing but soon the ladies throw bottles at the old man and he falls.

However other men try to come closer to them when Dhawal and everyone reach the bar.

They try to enter inside but the security guard stops them after which Amresh sees his wife getting harassed by a man so he gets mad and starts fighting.

They save the ladies after which they reach their party hall.

Later, Dhawal says this was his first surprise so everyone gets shocked while it's time for another surprise.

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