Pandya Store 5th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 5th May 2023 episode starts with Prerna telling Shivank that she is pregnant as she doesn't know it is not Krish standing in front of her.

However, as soon as she says this, Shivank lifts his veil and gets shocked to see Prerna instead of Rimjhim.

Just then, Dhara also arrives there and gets utterly stunned to see Shivank.

She yells at him about how he ended up here while Shivank gets confused as to who got married to whom.

Dhara runs away to the spot where Krish is marrying someone else while Prerna also follows her.

Meanwhile, Krish and Shweta are about to take Suman's blessings when Dhara comes there.

She announces that this marriage cannot happen and lifts Shweta's veil.

The family members get shocked to see Shweta, especially Krish, while Prerna's parents worry about her.

Mithu comments that nobody knows who got married to whom, making Shesh agree.

However, Natasha shuts them both like their elder sister.

In the flashback, Shweta is seen exchanging her clothes with Rimjhim's and entering the Mandap very cunningly.

Back to the present moment, Dhara steps forward and slaps Shweta who just smiles.

Just then, Prerna also arrives there to see a stunned Krish.

She faints while her parents, Krish, Rishita, and Raavi rush to wake her up.

Shweta laughs like a witch and swings her hands on Krish's shoulders, stating that she's a Pandya again.

Meanwhile, Prerna's mother yells for someone to call the doctor.

Dhara getting agitated by all this, asks Shivank why he betrayed everyone by becoming Shweta's pawn.

The smile from Shweta's face disappears as Dhara angrily states that she should have kept an eye on Shivank too as he is the cause of all this.

Suman gets shocked as Shivank is her nephew while Dhara tells him that Prerna will always be Krish's.

Shivank then gets slapped by Suman and starts his emotional drama.

He urges Dev & Shiva to hit him too but clarifies that he only wanted to marry Rimjhim as he doesn't even know Prerna.

He shifts the entire blame on Dhara systematically, making everyone's brow raise.

Getting influenced by Shivank, Krish asks Dhara what was the need of getting him married at the temple as tears appear in his eyes.

Suman gives a boorish look to Dhara who stands guilty as the blame is on her now.

Shivank then approaches Shweta and asks her where Rimjhim is while Prerna's mother yells that she should have checked who was the bride under the veil.

Suman yells at Dhara that she ruined Krish's life but Shiva butts in, stating they should have checked the couple too.

However, Dhara stands guilty and to be blamed as usual when she reveals that she bought the matching bridal outfits to help Krish and Prerna but ultimately, it backfired.

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