Pandya Store 5th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 5th November 2023 episode starts with Dhawal scolding Natasha for being rebellious all the time when Amresh urges Dhawal not to scold Natasha. 

He tells Natasha that Amresh is a good person since even after kidnapping Golu he has asked him not to scold her.

Dhawal asks Natasha to think of the consequences if Golu had been hurt by the active electric wires, making Amresh feel anxious and guilty.

The whole family stands shocked while Amresh thinks if Natasha saved his son from danger during which Natasha sobs saying that she's innocent.

Natasha declares her innocence to Amba who despite knowing that Natasha saved Golu asks her to prove her innocence to her.

She breaks down and tells everyone that she is innocent ultimately going to Hetal too but she shifts her away, hurting Natasha. 

Amidst this, Amresh takes leave from the family as he has to go for a meeting while Bhavin says that he has to go to the site.

As Amresh walks out, he thinks to himself that the real intentions of Golu's kidnappers her haunting him as he is still moving out.

Inside, one by one all the Makwana's go away leaving Natasha by herself to sob and afterwards, Dhawal too goes away.

In the hospital, Isha gains back her senses asking where's she when Chiku states that she is in the hospital further asking her parent's phone numbers when Isha states that she's an orphan.

At the Mansion, Nataha pledges not to shed tears anymore and goes on to call the NGO girl when she realises that she blocked her.

There, Chiku tells Isha not to feel sad about her being an orphan when the doctor enters, asking Chiku to take care of Isha.

However, Chiku states that he's nothing to Isha and gives money to the doctor so that he can purchase medicines after which he leaves.

At the Mansion, Dolly informs Hetal of Natasha going out to find evidence, proving her innocence.

Downstairs, Amba makes Chameli join her so that she can understand what's going on in the house.

Inside, Hetal tells Dolly that no matter how close Natasha is with her, she is childish too thus stating that maybe she kidnapped Golu.

From outside, Amba gets happy since Hetal distrusts Natasha and goes away with Chameli.

At the police station, Natasha asks the inspector to help her out as the NGO girl has blocked her number but the inspector sends her away since she's disgracing Amresh.

In the meantime, Chiku thinks about Isha when Suman announces that she's made khichdi for everyone. 

Chiku walks up to Suman and asks her to pack some khichdi in a tiffin box as there's a patient in the hospital.

Hearing this, Suman freaks out as she thinks that Chiku has beaten someone up and asks him the same.

Outside, Natasha walks on dejectedly when she spots the NGO girl and calls her out, making her scared who then runs forward. 

Meanwhile, Dhawal while running on the treadmill recalls the NGO girl's accusation and runs faster.

Dhawal ultimately falls on his back and hurts himself thus screaming why Natasha engaged in Golu's kidnapping. 

In the streets, Natasha runs after the NGO girl and almost gets hold of the girl's dupatta. 

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