Pandya Store 6th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 6th April 2023 episode starts with havoc being created in the small town of Somnath.

All the Pandya brothers come out to get the money out of the ATM but get confused to see people running here and there.

Upon interrogation, all of them get to know that since two union ministers have fought amongst each other, a curfew has been implemented in their town.

When Suman gets this news, she gets worried while Krish says that he will try to transfer the money amount via online. 

Meanwhile, Rishita stares at Natasha and Dhara on the hospital bed.

Inside the jail, Shivank approaches Shweta with a box of sweets and refers to her as his "Guru Maiya".

In a flashback, Shweta is shown filling Shivank's ears as to how he can get some share from Pandya Store by forging a fake passport if somebody asks him where he was all along when he got to know that he too deserves a share.

Both of them laugh and chat while Shweta tells him that he can keep 25% while she will have a full 75%. 

Coming back to the present, Shweta scolds him for being childish as he is being joyful due to the small misunderstanding he could create between the family members and Dhara.

Meanwhile, Dhara and Natasha are sleeping when a man slowly pads into their wardroom.

Upon feeling someone's presence, Dhara wakes up with a jolt and shows a knife to Shivank who has come here to bend her mind towards thinking that nobody will come from the Pandya House.

Dhara warns him to go or she will slap him and Shivank shamelessly offers his cheek to her and urges her to beat him up.

She slaps him hard as he squeals but then states that nobody cares about her in the Pandya House.

Dhara lets him know that she doesn't need a certificate from him to know who cares and who doesn't.

However, as Shivank leaves, Dhara does get agitated as nobody has come yet and asks the nurse if the surgery has been started or not.

The nurse informs her that the money hasn't been paid.

Meanwhile, Rishita calls up Dev who informs her that due to the curfew, they couldn't get the money via ATM or transfer it online as the server is down.

Rishita gets even more worried when Dhara approaches her and apologizes for the money she had to give to Shivank.

Dhara questions Rishita if she is angry at her and Rishita just turns her back.

However, when Rishita murmurs that she isn't angry as she just doesn't want to cause any stress to her, Dhara is nowhere to be seen as she thinks Rishita is very angry at her.

Dhara prays to God to turn things around in their favour when Natasha comes out of the room crying, asking for her Shweta Mumma.

Rishita runs toward her while Dhara thinks that she cannot even see the sight of her.

Calming down Natasha somehow, Rishita hears someone else talking on the call about 20 lacs.

At Pandya House, Dev, and Krish aren't able to go out due to the curfew when Shivank comes there with a bloodied head as he banged his head himself to gain their sympathy.

Shivank pretends to be worried for Natasha and says he came here to help them. 

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Rishita tells the man who was talking about 20 lacs that she is in a crunch right now and is willing to sell her kidney.

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