Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 6th December 2023 episode starts with Natasha recalling the way how Pandya store was demolished along with all the memories of her past.

Dhawal sleeps next to her while on next day, Dolly teaches dance to Chirag but he is not able to perform as per her expectation.

She gets angry with him for not being able to fulfil her expectations while Cheeku buys a vending vehicle, sets the materials of Pandya's store on it and begins a new journey.

Suman recalls her past that in the same way, they started their store while Shesh brings the family portrait to paste it on the vending vehicle.

Meanwhile, Suman notices that he removed Natasha’s photo when she asks him to paste her photo as she's a part of the family when her neighbour appears there.

The neighbour taunts Suman, saying that if Natasha had so much affection for the Pandya store then, she shouldn't have allowed her in-laws to break it.

On the other hand, Natasha wakes up and murmurs that she has to leave this place otherwise, problems will be created if Suman sees her there.

Suman and Cheeku come there, searching for her but they do not find her.

However, Suman prays to god to take care of her Chutki and Cheeku gets confused about what is happening with Natasha.

In the meantime, Hetal goes to search for Amresh but does not find him anywhere therefore, she calls him but his phone is switched off.

She finds a letter from him and reads that Amresh is leaving the house because he feels disrespected under the same roof.

On the other hand, Dhawal follows Natasha when she turns around and goes to him while Hetal cries about why Amresh left the house.

Natasha asks Dhawal what is he doing there to which he replies that he cannot leave her alone leading Natasha to state that she does not need his care and concern but he still follows her.

Meanwhile, Hetal calls Dhawal, asking him to come home as Amresh has left the house when Dhawal goes back home.

Hetal comes crying in the hall and tells everyone that Amresh has left the house while Amba gets angry at him for not asking him.

Chirag calms her and asks Hetal when she met him last time to which she tells him that Amresh hasn’t met her since yesterday.

Meanwhile, Dhawal reaches home and asks about Amresh when Hetal shows him the letter written to him leading Dhawal to read it.

He reads that Amresh has seen so many ups and downs in his life since childhood and he took responsibility for the whole family but in return, he just got disrespect from his dearest brother.

Everyone gets emotional while Dhawal reads the letter and at last, Amresh also mentions that he will miss Dhawal the most.

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