Pandya Store 6th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 6th January 2024 episode starts with Suhani going near Dhawal to apply haldi but collides with Amba and it gets spilt by her on Amba’s hand.

Ambs feels a burning sensation in her hand and says that the haldi is not good while Suhani notices Dhawal applying haldi to Natasaha.

She shouts at him so he stops while Suhani asks Natasha why is she doing all these things and asks her to accept that she is Dhawal’s past.

Natasha asks her to question all these things from Dhawal but he says that Natasha is responsible for all these things while Amba also questions Natasha.

In response, Natasha tries to justify herself by saying that she was about to apply the haldi to Dolly but it gets spilt over Dhawal and Dolly scolds her thinking of it.

Meanwhile, Amba blames Natasha for mixing something in Suhani’s haldi so that her face can be ruined so Dhawal goes to scold her but Cheeku comes in between and asks him to recall the things that Makhwana has done with her.

Suman tries to calm Cheeku and tells Amba that it might happen that Haldi wouldn’t have suited her.

She tells her that Natasha can never do this after that Amresh asks everyone to end the function and go back to the house.

Meanwhile, Hetal and Dolly try to impress Amba at home while Amba tells Isha that she has made a mistake by marrying Cheeku because he never leaves the chance to disrespect her sons.

Amba asks Hetal, Dolly, and Pranali why didn’t they take care of the ladoos while putting coins in them when Dolly tries to give her justification but Amba asks them to bend down and rub their noses on the table asking for an apology.

Initially, they deny but later, they bend down and do the thing that Amba asked her while Natasha murmurs that she cannot see Dhawal with anyone.

In the meantime, Amba shows the jewellery that she has collected for Isha and she asks Chabeli to decorate it before packing them.

Meanwhile, Sandeep hugs Natasha and says that he is feeling bad for her while Dhawal notices it and goes from there whereas Natasha pushes him and slaps him.

Amba shows the gift that she has purchased for Isha’s family but Dhawal destroys the gift for Natasha and goes from there.

Pranali tells Amba that Dhawal might change his mind at the time of the wedding because Dhawal still loves Natasha and it can be seen in his eyes.

Dolly and Hetal also say the same which makes Amba feel bad while Sandeep tells Natasha that he hugged her because an insect was sitting on her shoulder.

After that, he says that he cannot see tears in her eyes and asks her to move on from Dhawal.

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