Pandya Store 6th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 6th November 2023 episode starts with the NGO lady who trapped Natasha managing to escape in autorickshaw before Natasha can get hold of her.

Dhawal is also on the road with his bike while Natasha helplessly thinks about how to reach the NGO girl. 

He notices Natasha and gets disbalanced ultimately falling on the road seeing him, Natasha rushes to help him but Dhawal denies taking help from her. 

Dhawal reminds Natasha about her wrongdoings but she keeps saying that she did not do anything when Dhawal reminds her that all proofs are against her. 

Natasha tells Dhawal that she will bring proof of her innocence and give him as she doesn't expect him to trust her.

At Pandya House, Chiku tells Suman that a girl met with an accident and for the sake of humanity, he admitted her to the hospital.

Chiku adds that he found out about the girl being an orphan like him too so if he takes Khichdi she can eat it when Suman emotionally asks Chiku how is he an orphan when he has her, Shesh, Mithu and Natash.

Chiku apologises, stating that he meant the girl is an orphan, not him when Suman packs Khichdi in tiffin and hands it to him.

Afterwards, Chiku leaves while Suman asks Shesh and Mithu to go to the hospital and find out who the girl is.

Meanwhile, Natasha is walking on the road when she gets eve teased by some guys during which Dhawal comes by her side and says that they should go home as it's been a long. 

Natasha tells Dhawal that she will go only after finding proof of her innocence during which the eve teasing intensifies when Dhawal ends up beating up the guys and gets himself hurt too while fighting back.

Natasha looks on as Dhawal holds her hand and takes her to his bike further ass her not to test his patience.

Dhawal urges Natasha to sit who finally sits behind him and after a while, the couple reaches home.

At the hospital, Isha tells the doctor that she is not feeling well and to let her stay admitted for a few days while she sees Chiku and thinks that he is not heartless.

Chiku tells Isha to eat Khichdi when Isha says that she doesn't feel like eating but Chiku tells her to stop making faces and eat first.

At the Mansion, Amba cries since Dhawal got hurt and blames Natasha for everything when he goes inside and looks for ointment. 

Natasha goes forward to apply an ointment on Dhawal’s wounds but Dhawal tells Natasha that her applying ointment is useless as it won't heal his wounds.

However, Natasha states that wounds take time to heal when Dhawal walks away while Amba sees all this, and thinks that everyone has started hating Natasha.

In the meantime, Chiku himself feeds Isha while from outside, Mithu and Shesh look on as Chiku introduces himself as Yashodhan Pandya when Isha says that she is only Isha as it's useless to add her family's name who left her. 

On the other hand, Natasha pushes Dhawal on the bed and gets up ultimately sitting on him when she forcefully unbuttons his shirt and applies ointment on his wounds.

Elsewhere, Chiku gets Isha discharged and hands her the medicines while Isha thinks if Chiku leaves she will land in trouble.

Isha feigns being dizzy and asks Chiku to drop her off at the railway station or bus stand for her to so spend some days there when Chiku suggests Isha come to the Pandya House.

Natasha offers coffee to Dhawal but he scolds her for being pretentious and asks her to prove herself first making Natasha determined to do so.

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