Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 6th September 2023 episode starts with Dolly standing at Makhwana's main door and asking the photographer to make her video while she enters the house.

Everyone starts laughing while Amba tells her that the selfie queen comes into the house by kicking the Kalash from her right foot and Dolly does as per her instructions.

After that, Dhawal and Natasha appear when Amba only does Dhawal's aarti and ignores Natasha, making everyone feel weird about it.

Pranali tells Hetal that new brides have just entered the house and Amba has started showing her real side to them but Hetal says that it's not the same, she is just overthinking.

Suddenly, a diya stops lighting when Amba starts her drama while saying that something bad will happen.

Chameli plays the cat's voice on her phone and Amba starts to cry while saying it's a bad sign but Amresh says that it's normal and nothing bad is there in it.

On the other hand, Suman and Mithu bring Natasha's childhood clothes and get emotional while Suman recalls the past when her family was complete.

Mithu consoles her and says that one or the other day, Natasha would have gone so they should try to accept it and be happy.

However, Suman says that having a daughter in a house is a blessing for a family as the whole house lights up.

Meanwhile, Amba asks Natasha to pray to god after entering the house as bad things happen at her welcome when Natasha kicks the Kalash from her feet when suddenly, Amba turns around her therefore the rice in the Kalash spread to a large distance, making Amba start her drama again.

As Natasha enters the house her dupatta gets separated from Dhawal's and Amba feels happy to see it while everyone ignores it and they both go to Amba first to seek blessings.

Amba takes the new brides with her for the muh dikhai( face reveal) ceremony and asks the groom to wait for them, on the other hand, Mithu asks Suman if he has to wear a Ghagra to make her happy when she starts laughing.

Elsewhere, Cheeku's boss tells him that they have to start destroying the shops from tomorrow then he asks his boss about Pandya Store, and the boss replies that he will get to know about it tomorrow.

After a while, Suman tells Mithu that due to the fake Cheeku, her motherhood is affected very badly and now she won't be able to trust the real Cheeku also.

Further, in the Makwana house, Amba asks the bride to do the family planning together so that there would not be much expenses and Dolly says that she is going to make a line of kids, making everyone laugh at her.

Meanwhile, Amresh goes to Chirag and Dhawal where he gives them lessons on how to maintain a healthy relationship with wives.

He also explains that a husband should always be dominating and should try to have control over their wife when he asks Chirag to go from there.

Amresh asks for the papers of Pandya's store from Dhawal when he replies that he hasn't taken the sign yet as he got busy protecting Natasha when she was kidnapped.

He gives Dhawal a last chance to bring Natasha's sign on papers and tells him that there are many hopes from the Pandya store, on the other hand, Dolly asks for the washroom and she goes there to check her pimple.

Amresh comes from behind and asks what happened to her face and where was she at the start of the wedding.

She says she was in Natasha's washroom and was doing her skincare and also tells him that Pranali came there before him and spoke a lot about him, thinking that Natasha was listening.

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