Pandya Store 7th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 7th April 2023 episode starts with Suman questioning Shivank as to why he left his house in the first place.

Just then, a policeman walks into the house, panicking the Pandyas.

However, Shivank assures them, telling everyone that the policeman is someone he knows and has called him to help them reach the hospital.

Suman is relieved, accepting that he has been of use to them for once.

Dev hugs Shivank as they sit inside the cab, rushing towards the hospital.

Meanwhile, Rishita gets the money from the dealer, who demands that she gets in the operating room as per their deal.

However, Rishita tells him that she will first pay the fees for the operation, making the dealer also accompany her towards the counter.

On the other hand, Dhara is happy that the operation will be getting started, requesting the nurse not to keep her under anaesthesia as she wants to talk to her family before it.

However, the nurse requests her cooperation, making her lie down after sanitizing her.

Dhara is tense, thinking why nobody has come before she gets to the OT.

Meanwhile, Rishita briefly informs Dev that she has paid the money by selling her kidney, disconnecting the call before Dev can reply.

The dealer pulls Rishita along with him, informing her that the kidney will be removed in a different hospital.

However, Rishita sees Natasha crying as she is taken towards the OT and requests the dealer to wait till the operation gets completed.

The dealer declines, pulling her towards the exit.

At the same time, Dev, Gautam, Krish, Shivank and Suman arrive at the place and warn the dealer to stop.

The Pandyas gang around the dealer and start beating him while Dev reminds Rishita that her step is illegal.

Shivank spots his loan shark in the hospitala nd quietly escapes the place.

Natasha cries in the dark room and refuses to take the anaesthesia.

She pushes the nurse and runs out of the OT, crying for Shweta Mumma.

Rishita is sad seeing Natasha like this and requests her to get operated on in vain as Natasha continues to whine.

The doctor operating Dhara gets annoyed at being informed that the procedure hasn't started at the other end. 

He asks the nurse to take her to the doctor treating Natasha, stating that this carelessness can prove to be fatal for the donor.

On the other hand, Gautam, Dev and Krish follow the dealer while he runs for his life.

Shivank co-incidently happens to come from the opposite direction and Gauatam shouts at him, telling him to stop the dealer.

Shivank takes this opportunity and stops the dealer heroically.

However, the dealer takes his gun out and aims at him, making Shivank tremble in fear.

His movements make the bamboo sticks in the corner fall on the dealer, making him fall down.

In this process, the trigger gets pulled and the bullet brushes Shivank’s arm, making him scream out in pain.

Krish quickly calls the police, informing them about the dealer.

The police at the place arrive soon after and arrest the dealer, thanking them for their presence of mind.

The Pandya brothers thank Shivank for his bravery and they rush toward the hospital.

Shivank is satisfied, knowing that he has gained their trust now.

In the hospital, the doctor warns the family, saying that the delay will cause further complications in the surgery.

The Pandyas helplessly try to convince Natasha who refuses to listen to them and says she wants her Shweta Ma.

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