Pandya Store 7th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 7th February 2023 episode starts with Dhara scolding Suman for always eating junk food despite being told not to.

Looking at the fruits, Suman scrunches up her nose and states that she will not eat these boiled non-spicy food.

Meanwhile, Chiku, Mithu, and Shesh enter the room crawling and they hide near the bed to avoid Suman and Dhara.

Calling Dhara assistant, Suman orders her to focus on the plan to which Dhara replies that her mind is not working.

Suman tells Dhara that she knows Dhara does not want to keep everyone as then her responsibility will increase.

She even starts faking a heart attack while calling for everyone to arrive, but Dhara orders her to stop.

Dhara announces that she does not know how she will stop Rishita and Raavi from leaving today after the engagement but she has to.

When Dhara urges Suman to promise her that she will accept Chiku like her grandson, Shesh tells Chiku that he was right as Dhara has brought him from the garbage causing Chiku to look sad.

Dhara even tells Suman that she wants Suman to be Chiku’s “grandma” not “koi na” to which Suman replies that Dhara is being selfish.

Suman states that Dhara proudly calls the Pandya brothers her sons yet she is putting a challenge to bring them.

In the meantime, Chiku, Shesh, and Mithu tip-toe out of the room without being noticed.

Afterward, Shesh orders Rishita to leave without him as he wants to stay here with Dev whereas Mithu also informs Raavi that Badi Ma AKA Dhara has told them that the three brothers will stay together.

When Mithu reveals that Suman and Dhara are planning to keep everyone here, Rishita and Raavi get shocked.

Meanwhile, in Suman’s room, Dhara tells Suman that if Suman thinks she is selfish then so be it and she will stop Rishita and Raavi from leaving regardless of what Suman chooses.

She walks away after stating that now, Suman is the one who has to decide if she will accept Chiku as her grandson or not.

Later, Rishita and Raavi devise a plan to sell the Pandya house before leaving since Suman is all right.

Rishita even says that they will announce Pandya’s house sale tonight during the engagement.

However, Chiku who is passing by the door overhears it and gets upset.

On the other hand, while Dhara is talking to someone on call, Chiku asks her if they are selling the Pandya house.

Dhara tells Chiku that nothing like this will happen to which Chiku replies that Rishita and Raavi are planning to announce that Pandya’s house will be going on sale tonight.

Later, Dhara goes to give Rishita a new dress while Rishita is stressing about the money crunch.

Rishita refuses to wear it to which Dhara replies that she bought a new dress for everyone so she brought one for her too.

Dhara goes to give a new dress to Raavi who also refuses to wear it.

Feeling agitated, Dhara remarks that they are planning on selling the Pandya house yet they have a problem wearing the dresses which are bought using the Pandya Store money.

Later that evening, Dhara gets surprised to see Raavi and Rishita arriving in the hall, wearing the same dresses she bought for them.

On the other hand, Krish and Prerna get surprised to see Prerna’s parents at the door who orders them to pack the bag and come back to Canada with them.

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