Pandya Store 7th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 7th January 2024 episode starts with Sandeep telling Natasha that he cannot see tears in her eyes.

He asks her to move on from Dhawal because he is hurting her so much.

After that, he tries to touch her but Natasha asks him to be within his limits as her family is always with her.

Sandeep turns the conversation and says that he came there to drop Ritu off and show the designs to her.

He asks Natasha to choose her choice but Natasha tells him that she needs some time for selecting as right now she is busy with wedding functions.

Natasha goes into her room and prepares the thaal for Mehendi after which Cheeku comes there.

Natasha asks him to get ready for Mehendi but he says that he is a groom so he will do the things according to his own choice.

He praises Natasha for ruining the haldi along with her ex-sisters-in-law and he asks her to do the same in mehendi function.

However, Natasha asks him to make his wedding memorable instead of making it disgraceful.

She doubts him and asks if he is only marrying Isha just for take revenge on Makhwana while Cheeku stands still and does not say anything.

Natasha tries to warn him by saying that she will break the wedding if he has wrong intentions but Cheeku manipulates her and Natasha believes him.

Later in the evening, Natasha gets ready and brings mehendi thaal while Amba asks Hetal to get it touched by Dhawal’s hand and then apply it to Suhani’s hand.

After that, Natasha gives Isha’s mehendi to Amba while she asks Natasha if she has mixed something in mehendi too.

Cheeku comes in her defense and tells Amba that no one has the right to disrespect Natasha.

He tells her that if they again repeat this thing then he will cancel this wedding which provokes Dhawal’s anger and he comes to argue with Cheeku.

Cheeku tells him that he also feels bad when Makhwana's behave badly with Natasha while Natasha tells Amba that Isha is like her sister so she can never think of doing the wrong thing to her.

Amba asks her to apply mehendi on her hand first as after that only she will believe in her.

Dhawal comes and applies mehendi on her hands.

Natasha asks god what type of game is he playing with her whereas Dhawal realizes that he applied mehendi of his name on Natasha’s hand and looks down.

Isha tells Dhawal that Natasha is not a bad lady and asks about his feelings for her whereas Natasha asks Dolly to not let Dhawal’s name get written on Suhani’s hand.

Hetal, Pranalia and Dolly refuses to help her whereas Amba scolds them for always following Natasha.

Meanwhile, Amba asks Chirag to call another mehendi designer to apply mehendi on Suhani’s hand whereas Natasha asks that designer to go from there.

Chirag comes there and asks Natsha to leave but she says that she will not let this wedding happen so Chirag goes from there saying that everything is fair in love an war.

She gets confused so he gives her a hint asking her to fight for her love.

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