Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 7th July 2023 episode starts with Shweta asking Dhara how she will live without Chiku.

Dhara replies sadly that a tree always stands up despite losing its branches so she will always learn how to live without Chiku just like she will learn to live without Shiva, Krish, and Dev.

At the same time, Gautam appears at the doorway only to witness Dhara’s emotional confession while he clutches the gajra tightly in his hands.

He feels his heart shattering into million pieces as Dhara begs Shweta to promise her that she will never let Chiku cry again.

Meanwhile, Krish blames himself for stopping Chiku by marrying Shweta, yet Chiku is leaving now causing Dhara extreme pain when Prerna pulls him into a hug to console him.

Prerna tells Krish that he did what he thought was right for his Dhara and he should not feel guilty.

Whereas Raavi and Shiva are discussing how Dhara’s heart is big enough to let her son Chiku leave, she has arranged a big farewell party.

Shiva reminds Raavi gloomily that not only Chiku but also the other three sons of Dhara are leaving her which means this party is for them too.

Hearing this, Raavi puts her head over Shiva’s shoulder, mumbling that she does not know how she turned from being a good daughter-in-law to someone who wants to break the family.

She even asks Shiva if she is doing something wrong but Shiva consoles her by saying that till now he has always played the role of being a good son.

However, now he has to be a good father to Mithu.

He informs Raavi that Dhara, Gomby, and Suman are not only losing their family members but also their identity “Pandya Nivas” which means they are causing so much pain to all of them.

On the other hand, Gautam puts a gajra on Dhara’s hair, saying she is enough for him to live the rest of his life with so much love in his voice while Dhara finally lets her tears fall down her eyes.

He even hugs Dhara and Dhara plants a soft kiss on his shoulder.

In the meantime, Dev frustratingly tells Rishita that the wounds close people give never heal when Rishita claims that Gomby should have waited some time.

Dev replies that Dhara's own sons are betraying her by choosing to stay away but Rishita argues that it is best for them since in that way they will be able to keep the love alive.

After Dev walks away grumpily, Rishita and Natasha conjure up a plan in which Natasha will pretend to be sick so Chiku will stay for a few more days.

Natasha promises that she will do perfect acting as she does not want Chiku to leave.

Meanwhile, Mithu asks Chiku to stay with him by offering Chiku a chocolate but Chiku announces that he will not change his mind so Mithu hides Chiku's bag in a store room.

On the other hand, Suman is sitting gloomily in her room when Shiva enters her room, urging her to stay with him after separation but Suman denies it.

She angrily claims that till she is alive she will stay with Dhara and Gautam because they always tried to keep the family together unlike Shiva who wants to separate.

Hearing this, Shiva walks away while Suman breaks down in tears.

Just then, Dhara enters her room, asking her to dress up as it is the last time the family will meet for the last time.

When Dhara enters the kitchen, Shweta promises to bring Chiku home whenever he wants but Dhara politely denies it.

Shweta then makes Chiku taste food as he also arrives there and Chiku intentionally praises Shweta's food to upset Dhara.

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