Pandya Store 7th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 7th March 2024 episode starts with Amresh coming back home and directly opening the locker of his home.

He finds that it is empty after which he asks where are the jewelry and cash which was kept inside it.

Amba tells him that she has deposited everything in the bank after which Amresh throws away the book kept in the locker and shows anger to her.

He yells at Amba for not informing him earlier so Amba tells him that so many robberies are taking place in the locality which is why she keeps all the valuables in the bank.

Meanwhile, Amresh taunts her that Bhavin is doing the welfare of others by transferring property in their name.

He asks everyone to pack their luggage and leave the home before Pandya comes while Golu asks Hetal where are they going.

Hetal does not tell him anything and she goes inside her room and gives her savings to Amresh after which Pranali and Dolly also give away their savings to Amresh.

Dolly tells Amresh that unless the matter of their house gets sorted they can live at her father’s house but Amresh refuses.

He holds Bhavin’s t-shirt and yells at him for snatching the roof from everyone’s head while Bhavin stands still and feels guilty.

Just then, Pandya comes into their house along with Cheeku which surprises everyone while Suman asks them to sort out the things.

Meanwhile, Amresh yells at Cheeku then Suman asks both of them to sort out the matter instead of fueling it.

Amba shouts at Suman and curses her for removing the roof from their head after which Amba asks Cheeku why he did so.

She asks him to think about Isha at least after which she mentions him as a deciver which provokes Suman’s anger.

Suman says that Makhwana are toppers in deceiving so they deserve the first award in it and they are about to leave the house just because of their nature.

She tells them that the Pandya family believes in making the house instead of breaking it and says they are standing there to return it to them.

After that, she asks Cheeku to return the papers while Cheeku stares into Amresh’s eyes and recalls the things that Makhwana did with Natasha and how they broke Pandya's store.

Cheeku goes close to Amresh and asks him to leave instead of returning the papers to him which surprises everyone.

Moreover, Cheeku tries to Amresh make feel that he did wrong by doing all these things and he yells at Amba too.

Then, he goes and sits on the sofa which makes Suman angry while he asks Makhwana to leave the home with respect otherwise he will throw them from the house.

Suman tries to explain to him but he ignores her and says that now this house belongs to Pandya’s after which he taunts Bhavin and Chirag that he will give the job to them.

Amba and Isha feel offended after which Natasha asks Cheeku to end all these things and think calmly.

Cheeku tells her that he cannot forget the things that Makhwana has done with them and he says loudly that Makhwana's house now belongs to Pandya’s.

Amresh feels bad while everyone stares at Cheeku and Natasha when she says that she will not let him do this thing.

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