Pandya Store 7th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 7th November 2023 episode starts with Amba serving juice to Amresh and praising him for breaking the Ladies union as now Hetal will not be able to trust Natasha again and she also says that after all these things Dhawal has also started to hate Natasha.

Amresh tells her that he never wanted to get involved in such things but due to Natasha’s childish behaviour, he is forced to do all these things.

Natasha hears their conversation while Amresh adds that he wants to separate Natasha and Hetal therefore, he hires the lady, asking her to lie in front of everyone that Natasha bribed her for kidnapping Golu.

Amba leaves while Natasha gets shocked and a pot falls outside leading Amresh to stand and turn around when he spots Natasha hearing their conversation.

Natasha comes inside and starts questioning him about the same, saying that everyone in the family trusts him but he is breaking everyone’s trust by doing all such things.

She asks him why didn’t he scold her for her childish behaviour while adding that Dhawal considers him next to god but once he gets to know that Amresh is so manipulative, he will break all relations with him.

Amresh gets triggered and starts scolding Natasha, saying that she is no one who can separate him from Dhawal as he loves him so much.

Amresh also tells her that he has nourished Dhawal since his childhood but Natasha tells him that soon his attitude will break as she will bring his reality in front of Dhawal.

He gets terrified and Natasha goes from there while Amba prays to god to bring Golu’s kidnapper in front of everyone soon.

Meanwhile, Amba’s daughter gains consciousness in hospital leading Cheeku to ask her to come home with him.

Natasha argues with Dhawal and tells him that Amresh is the person who had hired the lady to lie against her.

Dhawal gets angry at her, asking her to stay within limits while Natasha says that she will prove that she is innocent when Dhawak leaves.

Natasha murmurs that still she has one idea and she goes to check her purse but finds that she doesn’t have enough money so she decides to take it from Dhawal.

On the other hand, Constructors comes to meet Amresh, asking him when he will approve the construction of the Mall as they are sitting unemployed at home and things are getting delayed.

Amresh assures them that soon he will start the proceeding of constructing the mall while Natasha comes there and greets them.

He asks her to prepare tea for the guests when she goes to prepare it but Harish tells her not to prepare tea for them as they are leaving while requesting Amresh to start the work as soon as possible to which Amresh nods his head.

Meanwhile, Dhawal receives a call from his friend, asking him to pack his bag for the trip but Dhawal says that he has a shortage of money and will be unable to accompany them while his friend tells him that Amresh has made the arrangements.

Dhawal gets happy and hugs Amresh for paying for the trip while Amresh murmurs that Natasha cannot separate Dhawal from him as he is manipulating Dhawal in such a way that he will never believe Natasha.

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