Pandya Store 8th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 8th December 2023 episode starts with Hetal asking Amba if Amresh would be fine or not when Dolly and the other ladies try to calm her.

Hetal gets unconscious leading Amba to curse Natasha for all the mishappenings while Natasha takes an auto and goes home.

Meanwhile, Mithu notices Natasha in Auto and tells the same to Cheeku but he does not believe him.

Elsewhere, Dhawal sees Amresh's car at the accident spot and gets panicked as he goes to check on him but does not find him inside the car.

Amba prays to god for Amresh's well-being and scolds Hetal for crying, saying that if anything wrong happens to Amresh then she will consider her responsible for it.

Police give Amresh’s jacket to Dhawal and Chirag when they ask about Amresh leading Police to tell them that a civilian informed them about the accident last night and it was a major accident.

Dhawal starts crying when Natasha reaches Makhwana's house and Chameli notices her while Mithu and Cheeku also come there.

Natasha gets worried about seeing them there and goes to look out for them while Chirag and Bhavin try to console Dhawal.

Bhavin asks the Police about Amresh's whereabouts when the Police show him the diary on which the home has been written.

Meanwhile, Natasha scolds her brothers and asks them to go from there when Cheeku taunts her for demolishing the store.

Cheeku asks Mithu to go from there as Natasha always does drama and breaks all relations with her while Dhawal opens Amresh’s car and finds spots of blood on the car.

He panics and cries, seeing those spots while the laundryman comes and asks Natasha to give him the clothes for washing.

Cheeku asks her to go inside the house and celebrate her victory as he will inform Suman the same.

He shows the card that he found in the car and asks Shesh and Mithu to go home as he is going to find Amresh.

Meanwhile, a few people do ayurvedic treatments for Amresh’s injury when Dhawal comes there and Amresh is shocked to see him there.

He tries to get up and asks Dhawal what is he doing there when Dhawal tells him that he wants to take him home and after some time Amresh realizes that it was his imagination.

Amresh regrets his decision to bring Natasha home while Hetal still cries and does not eat anything but Pranali tries to motivate her to fight with the situation.

Meanwhile, Natasha enters the house and Hetal hugs her but Amba asks her to leave the house while Dhawal reaches the location where Amresh is getting treated.

Natasha and Hetal hug each other while Amba narrates the whole incident that happened.

Elsewhere, Dhawal tries to forcefully take Amresh home but he refuses to go as he does not want to go back to that place anymore.

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