Pandya Store 8th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 8th February 2023 episode starts with Suman and Dhara welcoming the guests for Krish and Prerna's engagement, while Raavi and Rishita also enter the house.

Dev asks Suman if everything is going all right in the house to which she says "all is well".

Due to Shiva's illness, he forgets that it's Krish and Prerna's engagement day.

On seeing this, Dev feels annoyed and questions himself that how Raavi spent 7 years struggling with Shiva as he could not bear him even for 7 minutes.

Shiva tells him that he can remember a bit about the engagement as Raavi bought him a shirt for the ceremony.

Gautam tries to hide upstairs to consume alcohol, however, Dhara notices his condition.

Dhara gets worried as Krish does not reach the house yet, while Rishita interrupts her by saying that Krish might have changed his mindset since he's already an expert in swapping people.

On the other hand, Shweta along with Natasha leaves for Pandya Niwaas.

Meanwhile, Raavi tells Dhara that she has changed her decision of leaving the Pandya house till the house is sold and an equal share is distributed between the three brothers.

However, Dhara ignores Raavi by putting her hands on her ears, which irritates Raavi and she annoyingly leaves the conversation.

Dhara tries to call Krish but she can't reach him.

Also, the hotel manager tells Dhara that Krish has already left the hotel before an hour.

Dhara tells Suman that Krish has disappeared from the hotel, due to which all the Pandya members get hyper and Rishita asks Suman to give an excuse to all the guests of "selling the Pandya Niwas".

Raavi goes to make the announcement of "selling the house" while Shiva stops her from being stubborn.

Rishita asks Raavi to support her decision and she goes up on the stage holding a mic to announce things.

Meanwhile, Krish and Prerna along with Prerna's parents enter Pandya Niwas that interrupt Rishita's announcement.

Dhara asks Rishita to stop creating grudges in the engagement and make it run smoothly, however, Rishita tells her clearly that she has zero interest in the ceremony and will make sure to proclaim the announcement.

On the other hand, Shweta and Natasha reach a resort for getting dressed up to leave for Pandya Niwas.

Prerna's parents discuss Pandya Niwas to be leathery and old, however, they satisfy themselves by knowing that Krish would never settle in this house as his lifestyle in Canada is way ahead.

Meanwhile, Dhara manipulates Shiva to stop Rishita from holding the mic at any cost.

Dhara tightly hugs Prerna and introduces Prerna's family to Suman, however, Suman gets a little jealous and sarcastically points out her isolation with Krish since he moved to Canada.

On the other hand, Shweta asks Natasha to wear a dull dress as she wants to show her poor condition at Pandya Niwas to gain some sympathy.

Shweta starts practicing rehearsal in front of a mirror for strong acting at the Pandya Niwas.

Meanwhile, Dhara hears Prerna's mom talking about convincing Dhara to send Krish and Prerna back to Canada so Dhara could take the whole share of the house.

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