Pandya Store 8th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 8th January 2024 episode starts with Amba wondering where Chirag has gone because she sent him to call the mehendi designer hours ago.

After that, she searches for Natasha and asks about her Pranali but she taunts Amba which provokes Amba so ask her to focus on work.

Then, Natasha comes there by changing her get-up and sits near Suhani after which Suhani tells her to apply the same design on both hands and first write Dhawal’s name at the center.

Meanwhile, Cheeku asks to cheer up by playing music and dancing whereas Bahvin tells him that he has called dancers for a sangeet function.

Cheeku taunts him for bringing dancers from outside whereas Amba goes to search for Natasha and Suhani asks Natasha to apply mehendi.

After that, she asks Natasha to give her the cone because he has to write Dhawal’s name whereas the real designer asks for help.

In the meantime, a power cut takes place and Suhani shouts that her mehendi has been ruined and she opens the flash of her phone.

Suhani finds Natasha lying on the floor but her phone falls so Natasha runs from there while Amba asks Suhani what happened.

Suhani tells her that she found Natasha ruining her mehendi but Natasha comes there and Dhawal scolds her for ruining Suhani’s mehendi.

Natasha ignores him and goes from there whereas Suhani asks her why she did so after which a real mehendi designer comes and handles the situation by saying that it was her mistake.

She asks for an apology while Natasha recalls how Chirag bribed the designer to not tell the truth to anyone after that he asks to continue the mehendi function.

Still, Dhawal scolds Natasha while she asks him if he is really happy with his marriage so Dhawal looks into her eyes and says that he is too happy with this wedding.

Then, she asks him if he will be able to keep Suhani happy or restrict her with the rules and regulations of the Makhwana family.

Amresh interrupts in between and tells her that not following the rituals is not a good thing and Cheeku tells Amresh that his family ritual is that they dance at their family wedding function.

He asks Natasha to dance along with him while Amresh taunts him for making his sister dance at his wedding so Cheeku asks him to broaden his thinking.

Isha drags Cheeku from there and asks him to ignore the mis behavior of her family and she asks for an apology from her family’s side but Isha tries to defend her family.

She tells him that in her family also clashes take place between Bhavin and Amresh after which Cheeku murmurs that Isha is foolish because she told him the weak point of her family.

On the other hand, Amba asks Dhawal to console Suhani so he asks her to not cry which makes Natasha feel jealous whereas Sandeep decides to take revenge on Natasha for slapping him.

Meanwhile, Natasha thanks Chirag for helping her and tells him that she will break Dhawal’s wedding at any cost.

Sandeep brings a cold drink for Natasha and murmurs that he has mixed something in it so that he can take advantage of her.

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