Pandya Store 8th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th July 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 8th July 2023 episode starts with Gautam telling everyone that they should separate the memories as well.

He firmly announces that if anyone finds it confusing about which pictures to choose, they should just burn them.

Saying this, Gomby walks away from there while the rest of the family stands there in utter shock.

The Pandya brothers then pick up the picture albums one by one and they get filled with nostalgia as they recall the happy moments of their lives together.

However, Raavi announces that they should leave the photos here in Suman’s room so Suman can recall the happy moments.

Everyone agrees, and Rishita takes the photos back to Suman’s room while others return to their rooms with hunched shoulders.

Later, when everyone shows up for the party, they all get filled with bittersweet happiness as they find their happy photos around the courtyard.

Rishita excitedly asks everyone to come together for a happy selfie but when no one assembles for it, she turns off her phone camera sadly.

At the same time, Suman arrives in the hall with a gloomy face and she throws her stick at the buyer as she finds the buyer entering the house.

She angrily claims that everyone always comes to their house to witness the drama but now this last time when Gomby goes to check.

Gautam tells Suman that this is Nagesh, the buyer of the Pandya house which instantly turns the atmosphere very gloomy.

Nagesh gives Suman the bag full of money when Suman asks him if the money will be enough since everyone is separating.

Gautam then orders everyone to sign the document which creates a pin-drop silence in the whole courtyard as no none of them comes forward to sign Dhara takes the responsibility to make everyone sign.

She firmly reminds Dev about Natasha’s future and presents the paper to him so Dev signs the paper with a heavy heart.

When it is Shiva-Raavi’s turn, Dhara tells them to think about Mithu’s financial security so Shiva finally signs the paper after looking at Raavi.

Dhara then orders Krish to sign it since he wants to raise his kid in Canada and Krish also signs the paper.

Meanwhile, Suman orders the kids not to share so much love with each other as they will also fight with each other once they grow up just like their parents.

Suman even comments sadly that this house has seen so much happiness and now it will also witness the separation of this family.

When Nagesh inspects the well, Suman remarks that the water of the well is enough to drink and commit suicide.

Nagesh then orders everyone to leave the house within the next day after the registration so everyone starts objecting it except Dhara and Gomby.

Dhara shuts up Prerna by reminding her that they need to just pack their bags and leave.

Suman also orders Dhara to distribute sweets among everyone as now the Naagmani and the other two daughters-in-law are free from the prison of the family.

Meanwhile, Dhara makes everyone eat the sweets a little too harshly.

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