Pandya Store 8th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 8th June 2023 episode starts with a random aunty telling Suman that Dhara is trying to tie Arushi’s knot with Shiva.

She claims that Dhara is the daughter of Bhagodi mother which means Dhara is just like her mother so one day Dhara will elope with a rich man leaving poor Gautam alone.

Hearing this, Dhara looks at everyone with tears in her eyes while Suman orders everyone to stop calling Dhara any names.

The aunty keeps humiliating Dhara’s name despite Suman’s order and Dhara runs away from there.

Meanwhile, Suman orders everyone to leave since the whole drama is over now and Arushi comes forward to beg Suman’s forgiveness.

She tells Suman that it was not her intention to humiliate her in front of everyone and Suman looks at Arushi with anger.

Suman accuses Arushi of making Dhara cry but Arushi claims that she did this because of Dhara as Dhara promised her that she will arrange Arushi’s marriage with Shiva.

On the other hand, Shiva is driving his car with his heart thumping in his chest as the image of Raavi coming close to him plays in his head and he feels guilty for liking Raavi.

Shiva then hits his car with a tree due to his reckless driving and he comes out of the car in a blur as his mind is too occupied with thoughts of Raavi.

However, one of the tea stall owners has seen Shiva walking away so when Raavi, Rishita, and Dev inquire about Shiva, he points to the direction Shiva has gone.

Back at Pandya’s house, Suman refuses to believe Arushi’s claims and Arushi shows Suman the one lakh rupees Dhara has given her.

Arushi states that Dhara gave her the money so she can do bridal shopping and to make Suman believe her, she pulls out a note that is written by Dhara.

As Suman's eyes widen in shock, Arushi smirks, recalling how she picked up the note when Dhara came to threaten her and Malti Devi.

Suman claims that no matter what Dhara wants, Arushi's wish to marry Shiva will never be fulfilled.

Arushi walks away, stating that she is Dhara's sister so Dhara will choose her side in the end.

Meanwhile, Dhara's running comes to a stop as she finds Shiva walking in front of the truck and she runs to save Shiva.

Shiva urges Dhara to let him die as he cannot think about his sister-in-law romantically but Dhara slaps him hard for trying to kill himself.

He then blackmails Dhara to promise him that she will arrange his marriage with Arushi otherwise he will kill himself and Dhara agrees after hesitating for a bit.

However, Raavi, Rishita, and Dev overhear Dhara's promise to Shiva and Raavi decides to teach Dhara a lesson.

On the other hand, Malti Devi pours water over Arushi's head to cool Arushi's anger.

Arushi claims that she is punishing Dhara for Malti Devi's ignorance toward her.

Arushi even tries to throw Malti Devi out of their house claiming that from now on, she will only think about herself and marry Shiva but Malti Devi shoves Arushi to the ground.

In Pandya's house, Shweta tries to make amends with Chiku by offering him chocolates and telling him that she wants to do a fresh start with him but Chiku runs away from there.

After Shweta leaves, Dhara arrives home with Shiva who once again reminds Dhara about her promise to him and Dhara puts him to sleep.

When Dhara comes out of Shiva's room, she meets Suman who tries to calm Dhara down.

However, Raavi blames Dhara for burning her life as she also arrives at the same time. 

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