Pandya Store 9th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 9th January 2024 episode starts with Sandeep murmuring that he is waiting for Natasha to drink the cold drink but Cheeku comes there and takes away Natasha from there, asking her to dance at his wedding functions.

Natasha goes with him while Sandeep gets angry and Amresh calls the dancer to dance.

Suhani also starts to dance and everyone gets angry seeing her dancing.

Hetal goes and asks her to stop dancing so Suhani follows her instruction and says that unless people ask her to dance she won't dance.

After that, Cheeku starts dancing while Suman asks Amba to join them but she denies while Cheeku enjoys dancing which irritates Isha.

Amresh makes weird faces, seeing Cheeku dancing and he goes to taunt Isha for choosing such an idiot person for herself.

Cheeku holds Isha's hand and she goes with him but Amresh holds her hand and stops her from going, saying that the ladies of his house never dance.

Isha looks at Cheeku with the hope of leaving her while Suman explains to Amresh to explain things with love instead of forcing his instruction on the family members.

Cheeku tells Amresh that Isha is his wife so she will dance but Amresh tells him that she will not do anything that will affect their family's respect.

Then, Cheeku leaves her hand and starts dancing while taunting Amresh but after that, he manages Isha to make her dance with him.

In the meantime, Dolly tells Hetal and Pranali that she also wants to dance so Pranali asks her to dance there and after reaching home also dances when Amresh scolds her.

Natasha also joins Cheeku and Isha in dancing to irritate Dhawal and he continuously stares at her but all these things irritate the Makhwana family.

After some time, Dhawal also starts dancing which makes Amba feel bad but he dances along with Suhani to make Natasha feel jealous but she pretends not to be affected.

Then, all of them dance together while Amresh tries to control his anger and Suman feels happy, seeing her kids dancing.

Dhawal notices that Natasha's blouse is about to open while dancing so he goes there and covers her back, taking her away from there.

Suman thanks God for sending Dhawal at the right moment while Dhawal ties the knot to Natasha's blouse.

Natasha looks into his eyes and gets emotional when Dhawal tells her that he respects every moment that he has spent with her so Natasha thanks him.

Cheeku hugs Natasha and Suhani looks at Dhawal's face as he asks for an apology from her but she tells him that she trusts him and that he will never do anything wrong to her.

After that, she asks him to dance along with her and guests make fun of Makwana's family when Amba asks her to stop dancing so Suhani stops dancing.

Meanwhile, Dhawal hears Sandeep's conversation with someone about Natasha so he decides to bring Sandeep's real side in front of Natasha.

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