Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 9th March 2023 episode starts with Dhara telling the Pandya kids that now she has understood that they are behind this. 

Noticing everyone's smiling faces, Mithu questions Shesh if they have said any joke to which Shesh replies everyone has forgiven them.

Chiku also mutters that their moms have forgiven them for sure while Rishita pretends to stay angry.

As the kids continue smiling, Dhara whispers that the kids are very happy today while Chiku questions Dhara if they will not throw them out of the house.

This question makes Dhara and Rishita sad for a few moments as they realize that they have neglected the kids due to Chutki’s illness.

At the same time, entering the hall to greet the Pandya family, Shweta slips on the soapy floor and falls to the ground with a thud.

Everyone starts laughing seeing Shweta’s face who is whining in pain while Shweta stands up and even asks Krish why he did not help her as he is her husband.

Krish tells Shweta that he will never help Shweta and at the same time, arriving there Suman announces that Shweta is already a fallen woman so it does not matter if she falls to the ground or not.

As angry Shweta scolds the kids for creating a mess, Dhara and Rishita both take the kids’ side by claiming that these are their kids and this house belongs to them where Shweta is living forcefully.

Suman also suggests Krish throws Shweta into the garbage truck when it arrives and also specifically mentions that Krish should throw Shweta in the wet section.

This comment makes Shweta angry and she orders the kids to clean the mess while Gomby orders Shweta to clean the mess.

Gomby states that since Shweta wants to be Pandya's daughter-in-law then she needs to clean the soapy, floor, and the kitchen, and Dhara also urges Shweta to bathe the kids.

Shweta gets horrified hearing the list of chores so she runs away from there.

After Shweta leaves, Chiku questions Dhara why they cannot throw Shweta away to which Suman responds that Shweta is like a fly who has stuck to the jaggery.

Dhara then orders the kids to play outside the house after she and Rishita embrace the kids in a big hug.

Once the kids leave, Dhara tells everyone that she wants to celebrate the holi with everyone while Rishita questions Dhara about how she can think of a celebration when Chutki is suffering.

Dhara informs Rishita that no one has forgotten about Chutki's illness but being happy for the kids is also important and then one by one all the Pandya family comes forward to say that they will be honored if their kidney gets matched with Chutki.

Rishita feels overwhelmed hearing the response and questions Dhara about what will happen if Shweta refuses but Dhara announces that Shweta will only come to know during the kidney transplant.

Dhara goes on to say that no one can stop a mom from helping her kid when Rishita again embraces Dhara in a hug.

After that, the whole Pandya family embraces each other in a tight hug which makes Dhara and Suman emotional.

Later, Dhara brings dresses for the kids, and at the same Rishita also comes in with Shesh and Chutki's dresses but Rishita and Dhara both get surprised when Natasha throws away their dresses calling them cheap.

Afterward, Dhara and Gomby put color on each other faces after seven years of distance whereas Shesh informs Shweta that Krish is playing holi with a new chachi aka Prerna.

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